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How To Hide And Show Folder In Windows 10?

How to hide and show folders in Windows 10

Hey guys! You must be interested to know how to hide and show folder in Windows 10, because this is something unique need to know.

There are different reasons for each one of us when it comes to viewing a hidden folder or a file in Windows 10. Maybe you come across a case where your folder size is more than the actual number of files in it.

You would definitely want to know whether there is any hidden file? Or there might be a virus that surely infected your system and you might find whether it is hidden somewhere? Other reasons can be very simple and logical where you don’t want to show a particular file or a private folder to anyone and would like to keep that safe from prying eyes using the hidden file option on Windows 10.

Well, whatever the reason is, if you want to explore how to view these hidden files or folders or want to hide a file with password protection, we have covered all in this simple process. Explore and grab all insights that you were looking for.

How do I hide a folder in Windows 10?

Let’s begin with how to hide your private files or folders on Windows 10 using these simple steps. You can always mark any file or folder as a hidden file, which is actually a good way to keep your files/folders a private affair. Here’s how:

1. Goto to the file or folder that you need to hide.

2. Now, right-click on the file or folder and select the ‘Properties’ option.

3. As shown in the figure below, a menu will appear. Here, check on the box that has the label of ‘Hidden’.

Image source –

4. Click on the ‘OK’ button residing at the lower bottom of the window.

5. Congratulations! Your private file or folder is completely hidden now.

Ok, you have now learned the way to hide a file, but how to make a file invisible on your system? Want to explore. Read the next segment.

How to make an invisible folder in Windows 10?

There are many ways to hide a file even more securely. But hey! We have brought you the quickest trip of all to make any file invisible on your Windows 10 desktop. Learn how to hide a file and make it invisible in plain sight. Here’s how to perform this invisible file feat with no name and no icon:

Step 1 – Take an empty spot & right-click on your Windows desktop. Now click ‘New’ and after it select option ‘Folder’ options.

Image source –

Step 2 – Now, after you click on the folder option, it will appear on the screen with highlighted ‘New Folder’ for you to rename it.

Image source –

Step 3 – Now, here is the trick. You don’t have to rename the folder instead press & hold the ‘Alt’ button as you type the number ‘255’ from the numeric keypad on your keyboard. Press enter. (Note here that you should type these numbers through a numeric keypad only & not through the number keys from the top of your keyboard.)

Image source –

Step 4 -Now time to hide the icon after making the name invisible. So, now right-click on the same folder that you made invisible, just now, and then select ‘Properties’ options from the menu.

Image source –

Step 5 – A window will prompt where you will get tabs. Here, click on the ‘Customise’ tab option. Thereafter, click on the ‘Change Icon’ option from the ‘Folder Icons’ segment.

Image source –

Step 6 – Now from this window of  ‘Change Icon for Folder’ scroll right & select the option of invisible icon. Click on the Ok button.

Image source –

Step 7 – Again click on another OK  button to close this ‘properties window’. Great! You made your first invisible folder on windows 10.

Now, time to learn if someone knows that you have hidden a private file and would make an attempt to open it. Then how you can still make your file safe with password protection.

How to hide a folder in Windows 10 with a password?

The simplest method to save your private files from prying eyes is to protect it using a strong password. Locking up the important files can provide you peace of mind & data security. Windows comes with basic support for password protection to help you keep your important data safe & secure. Let’s learn how to do it.

Image Source –

Step 1 – Right-click on the file/folder that you intend to protect. Click on the ‘Properties’ option at the lower side of the context menu. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button lying in the ‘Attributes’ section of this window.

Image Source –

Step 2 – Now at the bottom of this windows pane, tick on the checkbox with the label ‘Encrypt contents to secure data’. Click the OK button & move back to the main ‘Properties’ window. Click on ‘Apply’ after which you will see that the Windows will start encrypting files.

Image Source –

Step 3 – In case you have never used this feature previously, then whenever this process completes, you will be prompted by default to back-up the encryption key that you used. There will be a series of toast notifications appearing for you to follow. Keep clicking them and follow all the prompts. Do not forget to take a note of your encryption key as it will be asked in case of future use.

Image Source –

Step 4 – After the back-up is done, now your files are secured. All your files are now encrypted with a unique key that is connected with your Windows user account. So, in case whenever a third person tries to access your file – even from another user account, or through the hard drive removal –  all the contents of the file will be a meaningless garbled piece of text.

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This is all about how to hide and show folder in Windows 10.
With this, we come to the end of this blog. Hope you like the information we shared. Do let us know your queries in the comment box below.

Stay Safe!

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