How to Get Call Details of Any Number? Call History 2021

This tutorial explains the manner of retrieving the call details of any number. Therefore, go through this piece to learn uncovering call details of Jio, Vodafone Idea (VI), and Airtel SIMs.

Call Details Importance

Any unknown number calling you makes you wonder that whose number is it. Therefore, you want to get the information regarding that particular call. Details of an unknown incoming number are crucial for all of us.

It is a fact that no one wishes to share their contact number or any data with anyone unless it is required. Suppose you hold and run an enterprise. You will not like it if your staff reveals your firm’s private details to somebody. Therefore, you will keep an eye on your workers’ call history.

Similarly, being a parent, it is your responsibility to monitor the call details of any number that buzzes your child’s phone. In this way, you can safeguard your kids from dangerous calls.

Another thing, postpaid numbers receive bill statements that include call details of each incoming and outgoing call. However, it gets difficult for the prepaid SIM number users to fetch the call details of a mobile number.

You may cite many reasons to receive call details of an unknown number. So, if you do not know how to get details of a contact number, scan this write-up.

Is It Easy to Find Call Details Of Any Number If Call History is Erased?

The first thing that many people query is whether fetching details of any unknown call is achievable or not. The answer is YES. You can check the call details of a number. Moreover, if the call history in your phone gets erased, you can still find call information of incoming and outgoing numbers.

What is the Method to Uncover Call Details Of Any Number Within India?

Generally, getting the details of a specific mobile number varies as per different SIMs. Yet, the way of locating call details is almost identical. As an illustration, you can check the details of a JIO number via the JIO web portal or app. Likewise, utilize the VI website or app to get details of the Vodafone-Idea number.

Steps to Find Call Details of a JIO Number

Access your My JIO application to search the call details of a number. Chase the steps given under to get call history:

  1. To begin with, turn on your mobile data option.
  2. Next, proceed to the My JIO app.
  3. Once the My JIO app home screen arrives, click on the three parallel line menu given at the top (left side).
  4. Now, you will notice options like Recharge Your Number, Recharge for a Friend, Emergency Data Loan, My Plans, My Usage, Recharge History, My Statement, Vouchers, Coupons and Winnings, and JioTunes.
  5. Tap on the My Usage option.

6. After that, hit the Calls option provided at the top.

7. You will see a question – Do You Want to View Previous Usage Statement? Just hit on it.

8. Now, you will see the Statement page from where you can generate statements for a maximum of 30 days. Choose the From and To dates as per your need.

9. Below that, select one option out of the three: Email Statement, Download Statement, and View Statement.

10. Finally, tap on the Submit button to receive call details.

Note: The Email Statement option selection provides call details in your e-mail inbox.

Download Statement allows you to download call details of any number. And View Statement permits you to view the call details instantly.

Steps to Find Vodafone Call Details

View the steps given under to trace call details of a new mobile number:

Method 1 (Through VI App)

  1. At first, open the VI app on your phone. Else, use the VI web portal.
  2. Now, log in with your VI number and tap on My Account.
  3. Thereafter, press the Edit Profile choice.
  4. Type in your e-mail ID in the Email box and tap on Arrow.
  5. Enter the OTP as received in your Email inbox. It is the step for verification of your e-mail ID.
  6. Finally, your e-mail ID gets linked with your VI SIM number.

Method 2 (Via SMS)

  1. Firstly, open Messages.
  2. Now, write a message in this format: EBILL <Space> Month Name in Short. For instance, if you want to view the call statement for January, type EBILL JAN.
  3. Finally, send the above format to 12345.

Note: Always type the above text message in Capital letters. Plus, you cannot get the call records for the current month. You can only receive call details of any number of a month at a time. You can get the last call details for the previous six months.

Method 3 (EBILL PDF in the Gmail/Email Inbox)

  1. You will get the EBILL mail in your Gmail once you send the message.
  2. The call statement file is in the form of a PDF.
  3. You need to enter the secret code to open that PDF.
  4. The password is the first two letters of the SIM holder’s name and the last four digits of the mobile number.

Steps to Find Airtel Call Details

Earlier, the Airtel app supported users to find call details of any number. Now, this assistance is not obtainable. Still, you can find call records through SMS and Email. Use the steps under to receive call details statement:

Method 1 (Via SMS)

  1. Take your phone and open messages.
  2. Now, compose a message in this format – EPREBILL (Month) (Your e-mail ID). For example, EPREBILL JAN
  3. Send this format to 121.

Method 2 (Via Email)

  1. In seconds, you will get a passcode.
  2. Also, Airtel provides the call details (in PDF format) in your Gmail account.
  3. Finally, view the PDF call records entering the passcode.

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We anticipate you have comprehended the call details of any number search methods as illustrated above. Hence, use these techniques to easily access call records of JIO, Vodafone VI, and Airtel.