How to get Avast Cleanup Antivirus Software Premium Version for Free

Avast is a well-known name for every computer user as it is one of the leading software providers in the market. It helps in protecting your computer performance and its data from any kind of malware attacks through its product called Avast cleanup. 

Is Avast Cleanup premium free?

Avast cleanup is free to use for a trial period of 30 days with some limited features which allow you to run your system effectively by removing all kinds of performance obstructions. The Avast paid subscription additionally offers some extra features like firewall protection, Webcam spying, and more. But the Avast cleanup premium version is expensive; we will help you to know How to Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free through this write-up.

Is Avast Cleanup a virus?

Avast cleanup is said to be an optimization tool that helps in scanning your system to resolve any kind of issues (storage, performance, and security). Avast cleanup is a useful virus protection tool that offers free scans that will help in removing and blocking all kinds of spyware, malware, etc. attacks. 

The Avast Cleanup premium version can be used in all kinds of OS such as IOS, Mac, windows. But the free trial premium version is not available for the mobiles so we will discuss on How to Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free in the windows and Mac operating systems.

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Premium Features of Avast Cleanup

Let’s start by discussing some impeccable features of the Avast cleanup premium version which makes it effective to use:

  • It will automatically run the maintenance for your system on some fixed intervals which will help in clearing all the temp files, broken shortcuts, and more.
  • It will run and provide automatic browser cleanup support which allows your system to automatically maintain the effectiveness of the widely used browsers such as chrome explorer and more.
  • This software also offers rescue center support which allows you to revert to the earlier process.
  • It will also send you timely notifications concerning any kind of issue detected on your system and also reminds you to take action for the same.
  • It will also automatically detect and clear outdated data files, unsafe account logins to safeguards your system performance.
  • This software also offers a sleep mode feature that will allow your system’s minimized apps to sleep without further interrupting the program to break.

Using Avast Cleanup Premium in Windows-based Computer

How to Get Avast Cleanup Premium for FreeBy going through these premium features above, let’s start on How to Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free on windows based computers. Kindly note that you don’t require to enter your credit card details for installing the free premium version in your windows system. Just follow the steps below to install and use the free premium version:

  1. Open your system browser and visit the Avast website @
  2.  Click on the Try it free for 30 days link. 
  3.  Wait till the software downloads on your system and then run the downloaded software on your system
  4.  Confirm the installation by clicking on “yes” on your system dialog window to authorize the installation for your system.
  5. Run the Avast installer by clicking on the install now link. (Installation may take a few seconds to few minutes depending upon the performance of your system).
  6. After the installation, follow the setup instructions available on your system dialog window.
  7. Congrats! You are now all set to use the Avast cleanup premium version.
  8. To check the status of your trial version, click on the ‘Menu’ option available on the top right side of your screen, and then go to ‘My subscriptions. 

Using Avast Cleanup Premium in Mac book

The Avast premium version is free for Mac users for the trial period of 60 days but they have to enter their credit card details to install the free version. Therefore, to install the Avast premium you have to check out with the $0 billing on your credit card and the same will be automatically charged after the expiration of the trial 60 days. Therefore, you need to cancel the subscription on time before they charge your credit card.

In addition to the same, follow the steps below to install and download the Avast premium version on your Mac notebook for free:

Go to your browser and visit the Avast website 

  1. Select Mac and click on the start free trial for 60 days link.
  2. Now enter your details like name, email, country, zip code along with your credit card details like card number and more. Then, click on continue while confirming that the total charged amount is 0$.
  3. Complete your payment as instructed on your screen for 0$.
  4. After the same, your software will automatically start downloading or if it doesn’t then check and click on the link, received at your registered email to start the download.
  5. Complete your software installation as instructed on your Macbook and enter your Avast login details to start utilizing the software for your Macbook. 

Congratulations! The Avast premium version is now active on your Macbook for the free trial with 60 days validity. Do remember to cancel your subscription before the next renewal date to avoid any charges on your credit card.


Here, we provide you the steps to follow for installing the free trial version of Avast cleanup premium to safeguard your computer operations efficiently. Therefore, use the trial version to experience the difference, Avast cleanup premium may provide to your windows-computer or Macbook.