How to Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order Technically

Usually, Minecraft players experience an issue while buying Minecraft through the official Minecraft virtual store. Here is a complete guide that provides techniques to fix Minecraft error placing order.

Minecraft: One of the Most Prominent PC Games

Minecraft is one of the most notable 3D video games publicly announced on 18 November 2011. It is a kind of Sandbox and Survival action game where single or multi-gamers can creatively participate without any pre-established pursuits. Otherwise, the gamers can set activities for themselves to accomplish.

Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order
Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

Mojang Studios, headquartered in Stockholm (Sweden), is the developer of the Minecraft game. Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten are the designers of Minecraft.

Minecraft is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, and other platforms.

What is Minecraft Error Placing Order?

If you like to play Minecraft, you must have encountered the Minecraft Error Placing Order message. It occurs when you try to buy Minecraft via It is a general error that flashes when you strive to acquire Minecraft on several occasions. This error continues when you have provided valid credit or debit card info.

So, in this guide, we have discussed the causes and ways to fix Minecraft error placing order alerts.

Reasons Behind Minecraft Error Placing Order

There are various reasons concerning the Minecraft error placing order. Just spot those reasons:

Outmoded Browser

Web browsers and other applications require frequent updations. An out-of-date Chrome browser can lead to Minecraft error placing order notifications. Hence, always check whether Chrome is updated or not. If it needs to be updated, renew it as per its newest edition.

Mojang Account On Trial

Minecraft purchases may get blocked if your Mojang ID is undergoing inspection on account of uncertainty. To tackle this issue, get in touch with Mojang or Microsoft to receive authorized assistance.

Barred International Purchase

Banks generally block transactions for various swipe cards. Note that the Mojang supports Swedish amount processing options. If you notice this issue, connect with your bank and request permission for foreign dealings.

Transaction Denial

Another reason for error placing orders is the automated transaction rejection by banks. To overcome this problem, obtain Minecraft as a Gift Card or Gift Code. You can buy this gift code using Walmart, Gameshop, or an online Minecraft outlet.

Check Out the Methods to Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

Follow the methods given below to fix Minecraft error placing order alerts:

Method 1: Update Chrome If Required

Firstly, turn up at Google Chrome.

Hit on the three vertical dots given at the right —> tap Help.

Then, tap About Google Chrome.

You will notice a new page showing Settings. Here, if the latest Chrome update is accessible, it will be revised automatically.

Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

Finally, try purchasing Minecraft again with the up-to-date Chrome browser.

Method 2: Communicating With Your Bank

Firstly, if your bank does not allow the multinational purchase, talk to it regarding this issue.

Secondly, make sure your credit/debit card details are correct.

Finally, request your bank to unlock the Minecraft purchase for you.

Method 3: Purchase Through Windows 10 Store

The third method to fix Minecraft error placing order is making Minecraft purchase through Windows 10 store. There is no transaction issue as Microsoft has its amount processing procedure. To make a Minecraft game purchase via Windows 10 store, chase these steps:

Firstly, hit the Windows and R keys together.

When the Run dialog box arrives, enter ms–windows–store: and tap Enter or Ok.

Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

The Microsoft Store appears.

Search for Minecraft using the search option given in the store.

Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

Now, tap on the Buy option and follow the directions to finish the Minecraft buying process.

Let the game downloading terminate.

Finally, start the Minecraft game and play.

Method 4: Purchase Minecraft Gift Code

-Via Physical Outlets

You may use G2A, Target, Walmart, or Gameshop counters to buy Minecraft gift codes.

-Via Mojang Website

Firstly, visit

Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

Next, tap on the Buy Digital Gift Code option.

Log in with the correct ID and secret code. If you do not have a Mojang account, make it and substantiate your ID details.

Once you log in, you get pivoted to the Amazon listing. From there, you can purchase Minecraft. For that, you will get a digital code on your email ID.

Now, proceed to Mojang site —> Redeem Page.

Finally, use the code to retrieve the Minecraft game.

Method 5: Take Mojang or Microsoft Assistance

Taking help from Mojang or Microsoft is the last way to fix Minecraft error placing order.

-Mojang Support

At first, visit

Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

Fill in all the details like Language, Game Title, Platform, Name, Email Address, Support Type, Explain your Problem, and Attachments.

Finally, choose the Submit option.

-Microsoft Help Center

Use if you bought Minecraft game from the Microsoft Store.


These are the five main techniques to fix Minecraft error placing order technically. Hence, use these methods to outdo Error Placing Order and enjoy your favorite 3D Minecraft game.