How to Fix Blurry Videos Sent to Android

A blurry video is a video that’s not in focus. The cause of this can be a number of things, including the camera being too close to the subject, or it can be due to poor lighting.

Blurry videos are typically used as evidence in court cases when a person is claiming they were assaulted and their attacker was not caught on camera.

Blurry videos are also used in surveillance footage from stores and other locations where security cameras are installed.

3 Ways to Fix a Blurry Video that’s Sent to your Android Phone

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  • Open the video on your phone and zoom in on the blurry area.
  • Tap the screen with two fingers to activate the zoom tool and then pinch to zoom in on the blurry area.
  • Drag your fingers apart to zoom out of the video until you can see a clear image of what you’re filming.
  • Tap “Save” in order to save this new version of your video, or tap “Discard” if you want to keep it as is.

3 Ways to Fix a Blurry Video that’s Sent to your Android Phone:

how to fix blurry videos sent to android

Blurry Videos Are Caused By This and These Treatments Can Help!

There are a number of things that can cause blurry videos on your android phone. The most common culprit is an unstable camera, which is why it’s important to keep your hands as still as possible when recording.

The following are some treatments for blurry videos on android phones:

  • Turn off the stabilization function in your camera app and use a tripod instead.
  • Increase the ISO setting in the camera app to reduce noise and blurriness.
  • Use a manual focus mode rather than auto-focus mode because it allows you to adjust the focus manually before shooting.

Bonus Section! How To Edit Your Video For Better Quality!

In this bonus section, we are going to talk about editing your video for better quality. Editing is the most important part of creating a video. You want the best quality possible for your viewers. 

how to fix blurry videos sent to android

You can’t have a video with bad picture quality that is really boring to watch. This editing process will be the same for both PC and Mac.

  •  Open your video in Windows Movie Maker or iMovie on your computer. If you are using a Mac, open Quicktime Player and import the video into iMovie or Garageband.
  •  Change the settings so that it is in full screen mode instead of widescreen mode by clicking on the icon with two arrows


Fixing a blurry video is not hard, but it does require some patience and practice. The following are three ways you can fix a blurry video sent from an Android phone:

  •  Open the blurred section of your video and use pinch-to-zoom or double-tap-to-zoom tools;
  •  Zoom out until you get a clear view.