How to Find Motherboard Model Number of Windows-based Computer: Know in 7 Steps

How to find Motherboard Model Number, here in this article you will find various options that best suit you.

What is a computer motherboard?

A Computer Motherboard is the main circuit board that controls the C.P.U. The hardware component is mainly responsible for central communication. A motherboard is the backbone of a system that coordinates each process and also ensures the operation connectivity within the computer system.

Some of the computer motherboards available in the market are by famous manufacturers, namely Intel, MSI, Asus & Gigabyte. So, if you are planning to replace/ repair/ maintain or perform system integration; it is then very necessary that you must know about your Motherboard model number. In this blog, we have put some methods for you to know about your motherboard details easily & conveniently. Also, these are pretty handy & helpful to avoid opening the computer case physically.

7 Steps to know about the motherboard model number of Windows-based computer

Step 1 – Using a Window Command Prompt

1. Open Window ‘Start Menu’ alternately Start Screen and just type the “Command             Prompt” option in the search bar.
2. From search results – Open “Command Prompt”.

  1. Now, you have to type a command in order to check which motherboard your system has.
  2.  So for this, in the command prompt, just type this – wmic baseboard get the product, Manufacturer, version, and serial number.
  3.  Press ‘Enter’ after typing the complete command.
  4.  Command Prompt now will display all the information related to the motherboard that is installed on your system.

Details like manufacturer name, product name, serial number details, and version information. If you fail to get the exact model number you can use all these details and do a google search. It will give you a lot of information that will help you find the motherboard serial number.

Motherboard model number

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Step 2: Find the motherboard model number through Third-Party Tool | CPU-Z Software

  1. Type this link ( ) in your web browser of the same system whose motherboard serial number you need to know.
  2. A web page will open from where you can download the CPU-Z. The CPU-Z is a free tool to download & use.
  3. After the download finishes up, you will get a file, just double click on this file and install this software.
  4. After a successful installation, the software can be accessed through the Start Menu. There will be a shortcut too created, that you can use from the desktop.
  5. To the top of the menu item, simply go to the Mainboard. Motherboard Model Number
  6. In the Mainboard tab, now you will be able to see the “Motherboard” specific section.
  7. Through this tab, now you can see manufacturer details along with the motherboard model number. You can explore more details on the internet using all this information.

motherboard model number through Third-Party Tool | CPU-Z Software

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Currently, in the market, you may find a lot of similar tools that can perform the same task in identifying the computer hardware details, but CPU-Z is among the best & easy to use.

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Step 3: Find Windows motherboard serial number via Window System Information

OK, a note for the reader – If you got a Dell or HP-based laptop or PC, in that case, you cannot see the motherboard model or other information via this method. Why?  Because it can only tell you the motherboard serial number of your computer. But assembled PCs other than these companies will give you all the information related to the mainboard that you have in Windows 10. With this method, no third-party method is required.

  1. In Windows, to launch the RUN function, press the – Windows Key + R key.
  2. In the Run, now type this command – msinfo32.
  3. Press the enter key to launch the System Information.
  4. Now in the System Information, you would see – ‘System Summary’
  5. On the left-hand side of the windows, you can now have the complete details related to your computer.
  6. Next to ‘System Manufacturer’ check for the required details and ‘System Model’.

Windows motherboard serial number via Window System Information

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P.S. – Method number 3 will not work with any branded systems. So, take note before proceeding further!

Step 4:  Use ‘DirectX’ to check the motherboard model number

It is a Windows 10 tool and comes with it. The DirectX tool provides a detailed report on windows system information. It provides all details on several components & drivers that are installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The simplest way to find out what motherboard you have.

Step 1 – Press simultaneously Windows Key & R key button. Then type ‘dxdiag’ & press ‘Enter’. Motherboard Model Number

Step 2 – On the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, now you can find all relevant information related to your computer system. This includes details like motherboard model number.

Use ‘DirectX’ to check the motherboard model number

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Step 5: Use ‘Boot Menu’ & Check the motherboard model easily

What is the Boot menu? Well, a ‘Boot Menu’ in the menu allows you to load operating systems as well as other applications. Here, you can also check your computer information including the motherboard model number. Whenever your computer boots up, you can press any one of the mentioned keyboard keys – Esc/ F2/ F10 /F12, it all depends on the manufacturing company or the motherboard to enter into the Boot Menu. Check the System tab, where you will find the PC motherboard model.

Check the motherboard model

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Step 6:   Find the Motherboard serial number using Barcode

Well, Barcode scanners are another option. These are standard tools that can find any type of information. If you cannot follow these easy steps as mentioned above, then you may try to scan the barcode through a scanner app. You will easily find the required motherboard model number. The Barcode levels are posted on all the motherboards.

So, there are a lot of 3rd party utility software tools that can check the windows model number of your PC motherboard. These are available as free & paid versions both. This software is a single-click solution.

Step 7: Search windows motherboard serial number via other print options

  1. Printed Board: In case of system damage. You cannot execute a benchmarking processor command prompt or even a keyboard shortcut. There you may use this easy hardware leveling method. Check ‘board’, the motherboard model number is clearly written on it.
  2. Product Label On Your Product: Do you have a Product Label? The Motherboard serial/model number begins with the chipset’s name only at the start. With no pain, you can easily get the system’s motherboard model number.
  3. Documentation: Another easy method to check the motherboard serial number. The PDF document versions are a workable solution & work as technical notes. More details can be received on the manufacturer’s official website.

Bottom Line

Obviously, you have one more option to just open the PC case and then visually find out the model number. But now you know all the easy & convenient 3rd party tools & other methods, then why would you bother to open it physically  & then check.

We hope that all the above 7 steps will help you to identify the Windows motherboard model number and furthermore details of Windows motherboard details.