How to Find Clipboard on iPhone? Get Access to iPhone Copy History

Do you ever figure out where copied text saves on your phones? It gets stored in the Clipboard. It is an essential tool provided in phones. It helps you to copy or cut text, URLs, or images from one location to paste them into another spot. It means anything you cut or copy gets saved in the clipboard spontaneously but for a while. So, if you want to retrieve the copied text repeatedly, click on Find Clipboard on iPhone.

Clipboard on iPhone

If you are an iOS user, there is an absence of a perceptible clipboard tool as it is obtainable in the Androids. The clipboard on an iOS device is an enclosed arrangement. So, to use the iPhone clipboard, hit on the input (text) box. A pop-up will appear. Choose the words that you wish to paste. However, keep in mind that the clipboard option on an iPhone stores only one copied text.

It is annoying for iPhones users for unable to retrieve different cut or copied material. Consequently, several tasks’ accomplishment does not happen steadily.

So, are you looking for the copy history in your iPhone? For that, you need to find the clipboard. But all your attempts get unsuccessful as you cannot obtain the clipboard tool. However, never mind. Below we have presented techniques for how to find clipboard on iPhone.

How to Find Clipboard on iPhone

Finding Clipboard on iPhone

As stated above, the clipboard tool in iPhone is an internal utility. Thus, whenever you copy any sentence from a website, text messages, or social media gets stored in the device for a brief time. You can use that copied stuff afterward.

Unfortunately, there is no actual clipboard application in an iPhone from which you can search out a manifold of copied contents. The clipboard option in iOS holds one copied phrasing at once.

You cannot reacquire numerous copied contents as there is no integrated utility for copy history. For a clearer picture, we have discussed the clipboard tool in iPhones at length.

How to Find Clipboard on iPhone?

Try out the below techniques to get a clipboard in your iPhone:

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Technique 1: Notes App Usage to Get Copy History

The most clear-cut technique to access copy history on your iPhone is the Notes application. Follow the steps under for how to find clipboard on iPhone:

  1. Firstly, proceed to the Notes App on your iPhone. If it is not installed, download it via AppStore.

Clipboard on iPhone

2. After that, access a fresh note.

3. Hit and press for a moment. A pop-up will surface.

4. Press on the Paste option to paste and save the copied material.

Clipboard on iPhone

5. In this way, you can copy any content and paste it into the Notes app for later usage.

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Hence, the Notes app is one of the quickest techniques to gain copy history on your iPhone. You get the option to copy and paste all the crucial matters in this app.

Technique 2: Use Clipboard++ App to Access Copy History

The second technique to obtain copy history on iPhone is the Clipboard++ application. It serves as a great savior as it assists you in gaining entry into the copy history feature. You can search for the Clipboard++ app in the AppStore to install. It offers a great solution for how to find Clipboard on iPhone.

Examine the steps for using the Clipboard++ app for using copy history:

  1. Firstly, switch on the mobile data on your iPhone and proceed to AppStore.
  2. Search for the Clipboard++ app.
  3. When the app emerges, hit on the install button.
  4. Once the app installation ends, copy any words or URLs.
  5. Now, go back to the Clipboard++ app.
  6. Lastly, you will find that the phrasing you copied gets saved in this app.

So, go to the Clipboard++ app whenever you copy any content. There is no need to paste the content each time. The copied sentences are secured already in the app.

Some Other iPhone Copy History Apps

You may find some other iPhone copy/clipboard history tools other than the above two to look for different copied text. To fix how to find clipboard on iPhone, have a look at the list of iPhone copy history apps below:

  1. QuickClip
  2. CopyPasta
  3. The Copy Clipboard
  4. The Paste Clipboard
  5. The Snip Note Clipboard
  6. The Clipboard Manager
  7. The Anybuffer Clipboard

Method to Erase iPhone Clipboard/Copy History Data

Generally, we copy highly confidential information such as bank info, e-mail ID, secret codes, and like that. This data gets reserved on the iPhone clipboard. So, it is crucial to erase all such personal details from the clipboard. You should know that third-party applications can obtain such information without informing you.

Pursue the below steps to erase iPhone clipboard data:

  1. Firstly, proceed to the Clipboard app that you use.
  2. You will get all the data that you have copied at any point.
  3. Finally, go to the Delete option. Click on it to erase all the unwanted or secret data.

Copy-Paste Function in iPhone

Use the steps under for using the copy-paste option in your iPhone:

Step 1: Copying Text

Hit and press on the initial wordings until it gets shaded.

You may drag the pointer to replicate an entire sentence.

Finally, click on the Copy button.

Step 2: Copying Link or URL

Enter the link or URL on the search bar.

Now, hit and press the URL.

Lastly, hit on the Copy option.

Clipboard on iPhone

Similarly, hit and press on the image for a second to copy any image. At last, tap on the Copy option.

Step 3: Paste

Firstly, copy the content.

Next, double-click or click and hold the copied text.

Finally, press the Paste option.

Final Words

We expect that you have grasped the techniques for how to find clipboard on iPhone.Therefore, use the above clipboard apps to retain crucial data. Remember to delete all the copied data if not needed anymore. I likewise trust you preferred the article and assembled data subsequent to understanding it. Leave your remarks or inquiries down the article. Thank You for visiting our website