How To Delete A Subreddit Step by Step Guide

What is Reddit and A Subreddit, As a social media user, you must have noticed Reddit? Reddit is a leading social media channel that has acquired the front page of the Internet status. It shows that this website is one of the most visited social media sites since its creation in 2005.

Reddit is the number one content rating, discussion, and social news channel globally. You can create your Reddit account to publish any topic, videos, images, links, or polls to get upvotes or downvotes. Also, you have the choice to join various Reddit communities such as sports, movies, news, help, food, beauty, technology, literature, comics, games, and that.

The multiple sub-categories of Reddit are known as Subreddits or Communities. The subreddits contain topics like politics, news, religion, science, music, video games, pets, fitness, sports, books, etc. You can easily create a subreddit on your Reddit account.

However, the trouble that arises after creating subreddits/communities is its removal. Presently, there are no means how to delete a Subreddit. Once you form a subreddit, you cannot remove it. It emerges as an unchangeable feature on your Reddit account. Even the moderators/members or actual creators cannot delete or omit the created Subreddit.

Sadly, Subreddits are forever. But you can stop unsuitable Subreddits on your Reddit account using two methods: withdrawing yourself as a moderator or member and blocking an unrequired subreddit. As a result, that specific subreddit will not be present on your Reddit homepage.

Point to Note: Only those users who own a paid Reddit account can block a Subreddit. Plus, they can get rid of the content of a Subreddit using a PC only. It means blocking a subreddit is not possible via the Reddit application. The premium Reddit users will get the Block option next to the Subreddits.

Explore the piece carefully to understand the steps for how to delete a Subreddit query. Below we have outlined the ways to cancel your moderatorship from a Subreddit.

Steps to Leave Your Moderatorship from a Subreddit (via PC)

  1. Firstly, navigate to a browser like Chrome and visit the Reddit website. Log in to your Reddit account by entering the correct e-mail ID and secret code.

2. Next, click on your name and profile icon provided on the right side at the top. Choose the Profile option.

3. Find out the communities that you control. Hit on the ones that you want to leave.

4. Tap on the Mod Tool choice after landing on the Subreddit.

5. Now, press on Moderators given under the User Management option.

6. Hit on Leave As Mod.

7. Finally, press the Leave button to verify that you wish to leave your moderatorship.

Steps to Leave Your Membership from a Subreddit (via PC)

  1. Use Chrome and open the Reddit website. Sign-up if needed. Else, log in if you already have an account on Reddit.
  2. Search for the Subreddit that you want to leave using the search bar.

3. You will notice the Joined option at the top of that Subreddit. Point your cursor over that option.

4. You will get the Leave option. Press on Leave.

We hope that the steps for how to delete a Subreddit on the computer are clear to you. Now, let’s explore the methods of Subreddit deletion over your phone.

Steps to Leave Your Moderatorship from a Subreddit (via Mobile)

  1. Go to your Reddit app. Sign-up if needed, or log in if you have a Reddit account.
  2. Below you will see the Moderating option containing Subreddits. Click on the subreddit that you want to quit.

3. Click on the Mod Tools option given on the Subreddit page.

4. Below you will get the User management option. Choose Moderators.

5. After that, click on Editable.

6. You will find three upright dots highlighted adjacent to your name. Pick the Remove option from the drop-down menu.

7. Finally, hit on the Remove choice.

Steps to Leave Your Membership from a Subreddit (via Mobile)

  1. Proceed to your Reddit app.
  2. Next, hit on the Discovery symbol given at the bottom.

3. Move down to find the Subreddits that you wish to quit.

4. Click on that particular Subreddit from where you want to end your membership.

5. You will notice the Joined option on that Subreddit page at the top.

6. Tap on the Joined option. You will get the Leave button.

7. Finally, press the Leave button to quit that Subreddit.

Thus, these are the four solutions for how to delete a Subreddit difficulty.

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We can sum up that erasing a Subreddit, in reality, is not possible. Still, you can utilize the above standby methods for sorting out how to delete a Subreddit barrier. Quitting as a member from a Subreddit or aborting as a Subreddit moderator is the only way for exiting a Subreddit. Remember, you can only delete a Subreddit or Community that you hold and administer. For more detail please visit our website