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How to Create Linkedin Profile Picture

Linkedin Profile Picture

Linkedin Profile Picture

Many people search for ways to get a professional profile photo for their Linkedin profile. This tutorial describes the method of creating a perfect Linkedin profile picture.

Always Upload A Genuine & Professional Linkedin Profile Picture

Having an account on Linkedin is a great way to increase your chances for better job prospects. Linkedin is a popular social networking website that aims to connect experts from various specializations. So, if you want to augment your exposure on Linkedin, get a genuine profile photo. Consequently, it will help you in uncovering better working possibilities.

Profile Picture Reflects About Your Linkedin Profile

Generally, Linkedin users use their maximum time updating their work achievements in the Experience segment. As such, the profile image on Linkedin gets a delayed reaction. Keep in mind that not selecting a businesslike profile image on Linkedin is a misstep. The outsiders scan a profile picture at first when they visit your Linkedin or any social media account. They get an idea regarding your background and position through your profile imagery.

Thus, in this tutorial, we have discussed some essential aspects of a profile picture on Linkedin. It includes the size, background, examples, and steps to change the Linkedin profile photo. Read this piece to understand all these elements in detail. It will support in achieving more visits on your Linkedin account, better exchanges with employers, and enhanced followers or connections.

Select the Right Linkedin Profile Picture Size

You should follow the Linkedin directives to choose and upload the profile image of the right size and capacity. Linkedin denies the profile picture upload if its dimensions are not correct. Check out the newest Linkedin briefing for profile image:

Lowest Image Pixel

Linkedin allows the upload of small profile photos of 400*400 dots or pixels.

Maximum Pixel

You can upload oversized profile images too on your Linkedin profile. The image can be 4320*7680 pixels.

File Size

You can use profile images up to 8 megabytes file size.

Image File Type

Linkedin sanctions profile photos in the JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.

All the above facets concerning Linkedin profile photo size seem quick and simple. However, tracking these directions does not assure outstanding imagery for your Linkedin account. Hence, you should know the strategy of creating an excellent and flawless Linkedin profile photo.

Embrace the Following Ways to Create Impressive Linkedin Profile Picture

Many Linkedin users overlook the truth that their profile serves as an online job letter. Uploading a profile pic from holidays or cropping out your buddies is a mess. Anyone can consider your Linkedin account. So, it is decisive to create and upload an impressive profile image. Use the below two methods to get a decent profile photo for your Linkedin account with no excessive bucks outlay:

Take Services via Professional Cameraperson

You may think that taking services from an expert shutterbug will be heavy on your pockets. But you can easily do an online search to hire a reasonable photographer located near you. Also, you can use Instagram to select an affordable snapper. For that, chase the following process:

  1. Firstly, proceed to the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the magnifying lens given at the bottom.
  3. Now, use the search option given at the top.
  4. Press on the Places label at the right.
  5. Tap on the Near Current Location option. Select active areas close to you.
  6. Next, pick the Top option to view the latest photos.
  7. Watch out for the most amazing photographs. Choose and tap on a photo to visit that Instagram profile.
  8. You will observe that the photographer’s info is present in the pictures. Visit their profile to message or e-mail them to catch their photography rates for passport pictures and cover images. Hire a good snapper accordingly.


The second option of creating a good profile image for your Linkedin profile is clicking your photo by yourself. For that, go through these stages:

  1. Firstly, select a place that does not receive direct sun rays.
  2. Next, choose a great background like countryside or townscapes.
  3. Launch your camera and pick the Portrait option. At least snap 10 to 15 pictures. Do not forget to be all smiles.
  4. Finally, you can rework your pictures using image editing apps like Instasize or Canva to make them excellent.

Select the Best Linkedin Profile Picture Background to Be Noticeable

Choose a background image for your Linkedin profile that mirrors your expertise, excellence, and qualifications. You may try out the following background pictures options:

Work Settings

Use an image that shows your working background. Uploading working desk, pen, smartphone, or laptop photos will reflect your dedication.

Valuable for Your Clients

You can use a background image on Linkedin that demonstrates the advantages for your clients. For example, if you are in the financial sector, utilize a picture showing monetary autonomy.


You can use an image of a particular zone where you are employed. It will display your networks within that location.

Clients Image

You may use the pictures of your clients or customers for the background section. It will reveal your association with them.

Thus, try out these kinds of background images for your Linkedin profile to be distinctive in the crowd.

Check Out Genuine Linkedin Profile Picture Example

Now, examine the real Linkedin profile picture examples given under:

Madeline Mann

Madeline Mann is a Human Resources Manager, Recruiter, and Career Coach. Visit to observe her Linkedin profile picture. She flaunts her wide smile in professional attire with a stunning background color. Plus, check her banner image that indicates her work experience.

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Sami Vittamaki

Visit to review Sami Vittamaki Linkedin profile. He uses a black and white profile image that emits the feeling of confidence and truthfulness.

So, follow the above tips to choose a good profile shot and banner image for your Linkedin account.

How to Change Linkedin Profile Picture

Now, learn the method of changing your profile picture on Linkedin:

  1. Firstly, go to your Linkedin profile and choose View Profile.

2. Tap on the Plus (+) symbol at your profile image.

3. Tap View or Edit Profile Photo.

4. Click on Add Camera icon.

5. Either click a picture or upload photos.

6. Choose Upload From Photos. Select a picture. Use crop, straighten, adjust, or filter options to enhance your image.

7. Finally, hit on the Save button.

Bottom Line

We hope you have learned the creation, selection, and upload of a nice Linkedin profile picture and banner photo. Hence, apply the above steps to showcase your experience and skills through your Linkedin profile.

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