How to Create Group in Instagram

 Instagram is one of the most prominent social media apps. It offers a lot of unique features in its comparison with the other applications or platforms. It allows you to share your stories with your close friends and family from the Instagram direct feature. Unlike the other platforms, Instagram does not offer you to create the subject groups which will allow you to operate your page on Instagram. That is the reason why Instagram users want to know about how to create group in Instagram.

Today we will discuss in detail the criteria or procedure to follow on “how to create group in Instagram”. First of all, we should know the reason behind creating your group on Instagram as it allows you to share direct stories and to chat directly to your near or dear ones more securely and privately. It will help you to have a safe and secure chatting experience with your close friends or family members on the social platform.

Let get started:

Follow the steps below on “how to create group in Instagram

I believe all of the readers here, already have their Instagram installed on their mobile phones, if it is then remember to update the application regularly so that no glitches come while using the application. It will allow optimum usage of your application and further, the androids users can update or download the app from the Google play store. iPhone or Apple users can use the Apple app store. Now follow the steps below:

How to Create a group in Instagram

The steps on how to create a group on Instagram involves:

  •   Open your Instagram app on your device and log in your credentials to your Instagram account.
  •   Click on the top message icon.
  •   Next, click the pencil icon and then choose the list of people you may want to add to your Instagram group.
  •   Now, type the message you need to send to the group you have created.
  •   Select the options like image, video, view once, in case you want to check the message before sending.
  •   Now click on the send option.

 Congratulations, you have created your Instagram group with your near or dear ones.

Now, you can chat with your friend and can also name your group whatever you want it to be as funny or creative as you want it. Now all your messages are safe and secure in between you and your group members and you can chat with your friends around you all the time.

You can also add the list of friends to your existing group by tapping the circle next to their names from your friend list to add them to your Instagram group. After adding your friends, tap on the chat icon on the top of the screen. 

In addition to creating a group, you can also take care of the group chat settings which allow approving them before joining your Instagram group.

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Parting Advice 

Enjoy your group chats on Instagram, but also note that maximum group chat can only have 32 members at once. Thus, it offers a large group of people to join your group of coworkers, batch mates or schoolmates, etc. Have fun with your group chat experience to meet and talk to all of your friends at once through this group chat feature.