How to Connect AirPods to Chromebook in Simple Steps

This how-to guide discusses easy steps to connect AirPods to Chromebook. Also, we have described the method to delink or unpair Airpods out of the Chromebook.

Airpods & Chromebook Terminology

Before taking up Airpods to Chromebook linking method, grasp the meaning of Airpods and Chromebook.


Apple Company created Airpods. Goertek and Luxshare-ICT manufactured these Airpods. These are wire-free Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Apple firm unveiled three separate Airpods models in 2016, 2019, and 2021.

Mainly iOS device users use Airpods. However, these are designed in such a way that even Android users may use them. Apple Airpods are cordless auditory gadgets that you can link to Apple TV, PC, or smartphones.


A Chromebook is like a PC or a notebook that Google brought in on 15 June 2011. This PC operates on Chrome operating system. Thus, both Chromebooks and Windows laptops are different devices.

Chromebook allows you to execute tasks smoothly and quickly via Google Chrome. It provides offline applications that you can utilize without Wi-Fi. Apps such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Keep pool all the essential data once the internet connection gets inducted.

So, we anticipate that you have understood all the necessary information regarding Apple AirPods and Chromebook. Now, let’s explore the method to connect AirPods to Chromebook.

Steps to Connect AirPods to Chromebook

If you are an iPhone user, you must be using AirPods on your phone. Airpods are intuitive gizmos that easily link to Apple, Android, and other gadgets like Peloton. But many users inquire about pairing Airpods with a Chromebook. You should know that AirPods Pro and Max can be synced with Chromebooks too.

Go through the below process to connect your Airpods to Chromebook:

Turn On Chromebook

Firstly, start your Chromebook.

Tap Battery & Network Sign

The Battery and Network option is on the Chromebook taskbar. Tap on that option.

Tap Bluetooth

You will see some options like Network, Bluetooth, Notifications, Night Light, and Keyboard. Hit on the arrow beside the Bluetooth icon to enable it. You can identify that Bluetooth is already On if it is in blue.

Chromebook Bluetooth Settings

Now, Chromebook’s Bluetooth Settings appear.

Notice Paired & Unpaired Devices

In the Settings tab, you will notice two sections: Paired Devices and Unpaired Devices.

Turn On Airpods Bluetooth

At this point, make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth of your AirPods. Press the switch given at the backside of Airpods to turn on the Bluetooth.

Check Airpods Name in Unpaired Device Division

You will realize that your Airpods name appears in the Unpaired Devices division.

Tap on Airpods to Link

Finally, tap on your Airpods title to pair and connect it with the Chromebook.

How to Confirm If Airpods Connected to Chromebook?

Once the above steps connect AirPods to Chromebook, you may scan it. For that, hit on the Network and Battery sign again. The Bluetooth option will show the name of the paired Airpods.

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Steps to Disconnect Airpods Out of Chromebook

Track the subsequent steps to unlink Airpods out of Chromebook:

Turn On Chromebook

At first, turn on your Chromebook.

Use Search Key

Next, click on the search option on the Chrome keypad.

Settings & Bluetooth

Type in Settings. Once Settings arrive, tap on Bluetooth to check the linked and synced devices.

Select Remove From List

When your Airpods title appears, snap on the three upright dots close to it.

Lastly, tap on the Remove From List choice.

Final Verdict

These are the simple steps to connect AirPods to Chromebook or unlink it. We hope this tutorial has clearly illustrated the plan to link or unlink the Airpods from Chromebook. Thus, follow these quick steps to pair or delink Airpods with Chromebook.