How To Claim An Inactive Instagram Username Account

Instagram is the number-one social media app for sharing pictures and videos. Picking a username for your Instagram profile reveals your uniqueness. So, in this article, we have discussed a few tricks to acquire a username from an inactive instagram profile.

Meaning of an Inactive Account

An account created and discontinued by a user is termed an Inactive Account. Plus, such an account remains nonoperational for a longer duration.

There is no direct method to obtain the username of an inactive instagram account. However, there are some other workarounds that you may seek.

Accessing an Inactive Instagram Username: Possible or Not?

It is a bit complex task to earn an inoperational Instagram username. Acquiring the username of an inactive profile incorporates regulations and hacks.

There is no choice to supply information in an online form to gain a username. Luckily, Instagram takes up the activity of removing inoperative accounts. For that, you need to hang on.

Ways to Access Inactive Instagram Username

Thus, to claim an inactive username out of an Instagram profile, we have explained some processes below:

Make a Purchase of Instagram Username

The first trick to obtain an inactive username is getting in touch with alternate souks offering reasonably-priced usernames. Several users create and terminate Instagram profiles with a username that others may want to acquire later. Ultimately, those users sell out their usernames to earn a fair share.

Note: Instagram barred numerous IG profiles in 2021 for utilizing lifted usernames. Generally, cybercriminals seize IG usernames and trade them to unsuspicious users. So, always buy an inactive username through a reliable forum.

Ascertain Inactive IG Profile Owner Contact Details

Another way to gain an inactive IG username is to communicate with its user. Many users wish to market their out-of-use Instagram account. But connecting with the users is difficult.

You have the option to DM (Direct Message) them. It is not necessary that the user may open the message option on their inactive IG account.

inactive instagram

Accordingly, you can employ an additional way to connect with such users. For this, you must scan their Instagram profile or bio section. You may get their email ID or website link in the Bio. Use the site URL, mobile number, or email address to interact with the user for the username.

Several users like to maintain their social media accounts private. Hence, they may not reveal their email ID, contact number, or anything like that. But such users may display their FB page or LinkedIn profile link. You may use their social media accounts links to DM and ask them for IG username access.

Reach InstaSale Website

The third way to obtain an inactive IG username is through InstaSale is a site to sell or purchase an Instagram account at a certain amount. Here, you can find the listings of IG profiles for sale in different categories with the Seller name.

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Wait for Inoperative IG Profile Removal

When an IG profile remains non-functional with almost no posts, Instagram may erase it from its data archive. Consequently, the usernames of such IG accounts may be accessible. Instagram never discloses the timetable for inactive IG profiles erasure. In that situation, you should regularly track a famous IG account with steady followers.

Many of the followers must be the junk or bot type. Instagram removes such junk profiles. For instance, the total number of followers was 9,567. And the followers get reduced to 9,234 instantly. It shows that Instagram deleted the spam IG profiles. Hence, the usernames linked with these accounts are obtainable.

Get Copyright for the Username

Securing copyright for an IG username is another method. Firstly, obtain the patent for an inactive IG profile. After this, notify Instagram regarding the profile. It is a time-consuming and costly solution.

But you may be able to get the inoperative IG account. You may report to Instagram that the username used by a user seems incoherent. Based on copyright violation, you can retrieve the username.

Attempting to achieve a username of an active IG account is complex via copyright technique.

Pick an Equivalent Username

The simplest way is to choose a username matching an inactive instagram profile. You may insert a numeral or @ to the username.

inactive instagram

Instagram allows 30-characters usernames containing alphabets, digits, scores, and stops. Thus, you get the choice to generate a username identical to a different IG account. Further, if you are a business person, you may add your region or city to the username.

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Methods for Established Brand Names

If owning a prominent business, you may add Real or Official in your Instagram profile. But you have to be extra careful when using a username similar to an approved brand name, for example, Amazon. If you use an identical username and attain an online presence, Amazon may report your account due to a copyright breach.

Summing Up: Inactive Instagram

These are some techniques to claim an inactive instagram username. Follow them to obtain a username of your choice for your IG profile.