How to Choose the Best Roku for Your Television

How to Pick the Right Roku for Your TV – Our favourite TV streaming services continue to be ROKU. They provide a huge selection of streaming channels and are quite simple to use. They don’t have flashy screens, but they provide just what a user needs: rapid, easy access to their preferred streaming providers. It’s difficult to choose which one to purchase, though.

In addition to TVs and soundbars, there are five different Roku streaming devices available, and you can get a tonne of older models on Amazon and other online retailers. It can be challenging to distinguish between different Roku models because they sometimes have similar names and an almost identical appearance, with just minor changes made every few years. We’re prepared to assist. If you’re anything like us, you want the best Roku for the lowest price. Starting with the most basic model, we’ve listed the features on the ones we believe you’ll actually want to own.

Express 4K on Roku

You can play high-resolution 4K material in HDR10 with the Express 4K Plus, which costs $10 more than the base model and replaces the older Premiere in Roku’s portfolio (if your TV supports it). On the remote, there are switches for the power and volume, as well as a respectable voice search. Long email addresses, which are difficult to write with a remote, can even be spelled out using your voice. For recent 4K TVs, there are nicer and more competent Rokus you may purchase, but if you want to spend as little money as possible, choose this one.

There is a fair probability that your TV is 4K (“Ultra HD”) and has HDR if you purchased it in the last couple of years and it cost more than $300. (“High Dynamic Range”). Simply said, it features a screen with four times as many pixels as a typical HD television. Using HDR, images like sunsets appear brighter while shadows are darker; in other words, the contrast is improved and more realistic.

Streaming Stick 4K Plus from Roku

How to Pick the Right Roku for Your TV

Our favourite Roku device in the list has always been the Streaming Stick Plus, but the 4K Plus model, which supports Dolby Vision streaming, is now somewhat superior. It connects to your TV’s HDMI connector much like the other sticks, and a second cable goes into a USB port for power or the wall. According to Roku, a longer-range wireless receiver makes it 30% faster. Roku devices have never seemed to me to be slow, but this one responds instantly.

The new voice remote is the most noticeable difference. The microphone button on some devices can be pressed and held for speaking, but this one includes a hands-free alternative. Just say to the Roku, “Hey Roku, play You on Netflix,” while relaxing on the couch. To make a beep sound, you can even query where a missing remote is. A sliding button on the side lets you tell Roku not to listen. Also, there are two buttons that you can programme with the shortcuts that are most effective for you.

Earbuds and faster Wi-Fi

Roku Premium (2022)

The most powerful dual-band Wi-Fi of the bunch is found on Roku’s opulent Ultra, which also features an Ethernet port in case wired connections are required. It supports HDR10+, which we observed was missing from its predecessor, and it can stream in Dolby Vision.

The voice remote is the same as the most recent Streaming Stick mentioned above, and it features hands-free voice that can be used to find misplaced remote controls as well as look up a certain TV show to binge watch. The Roku-branded headphones are quite good and come with a couple eartips, so you can watch TV shows in solitude while others sleep. There is also a headphone connector. The Paramount+ button on this remote feels like an extra that isn’t necessary, but there are still two programmable favourites buttons.