How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete an Instagram Account 2022

Every social media website maintains its terms of use or community guidelines. If any user does not respect or follow the directives, their account is reported for deletion. So, in this article, we have provided the answer to an important query – how many reports to delete Instagram account. Let’s proceed in detail!

how many reports to delete instagram account

Usually, Instagram never reveals the number of reports required to disable an IG account permanently. A few users claimed that 50 notices are enough to close down an Instagram profile. On the other hand, some users asserted that approximately 100 reports are needed.

What are the Grounds to Report an Instagram (IG) Account?

Before learning about how many reports to delete Instagram account, examine the various grounds to report an IG profile:


Instagram policies never support any threat. So, if a user keeps threatening other users or you through comments or in private chats, report their profile. You need to submit proof to brief an account that threatens.


Another ground to report an IG profile is when a user abuses in personal chats or through comments. Instagram always condemns all kinds of harassment, verbal abuse, and threats.

Spam Content

Instagram does not appreciate junk content. Many a time, users post spam content on their IG profiles unintentionally. So, how many reports to delete Instagram account? Redundant remarks on goods/services or dropping links or URLs frequently are some examples of spam content. Deletion of an Instagram account is the penalty for conveying unsolicited stuff.

how many reports to delete instagram account

Copyrighted Content

Using copyrighted content like images, video clips, or audio can land you in a problem. As soon as an IG profile uses exclusive content, the account gets deleted in a short time. So, always avoid the usage of proprietary content in your IG profile.

Revealing Private Details of Someone Else

Disclosing the personal information of any person on a social medium like Instagram is a violation of its policies. The contact number, bank card info, address, or credentials come under personal information. There is a higher chance that Instagram will delete the account that reveals confidential data of other persons.

Animal Brutality

Instagram takes steps to delete an account that supports animal cruelty. Instagram promotes compassion and kindness for all animals. If you see an IG profile that supports animal suffering, report it immediately. Thus, Instagram will acknowledge it and initiate the account deletion step.

Instagram – Brand Name Use

The problems may arise by using the Instagram names in the URLs or the usernames. Without the consent of Instagram, using its brand name is an infringement of its terms of use. Accordingly, it will take strict action by deleting the account forever.

Cruel Content

Sharing of cruel video clippings like rape, killing, or violence calls for account deletion by Instagram. So, if an IG user repeatedly shares such scary scenes, how many reports to delete Instagram account? After receiving enough notices, Instagram will delete that profile forever.

Adult Content

Instagram never tolerates porn content on its platform. Such vulgar content is disfavored as many youngsters use Instagram for interactions. If an account continuously shares obscene images or videos, report it instantly. Thus, how many reports to delete Instagram account? When Instagram receives numerous notices with evidence, it takes profile deletion measures.


Any user who shares images or clippings to support racism violates Instagram policies. Likewise, encouraging anti-gay discrimination or ethnic discrimination is unacceptable. In that situation, an account or post is reported. Instagram will instantly erase the post. Ultimately, it will shut down the profile for all time.

Fake Identity

Instagram permits interaction among real users. But several users create fake Instagram accounts to fool others. Such fraudsters use tricks to catch hold of others’ money or belongings. Thus, report those profiles that exhibit false identities.

how many reports to delete instagram account

These are the main reasons to report an Instagram account. Below, we have discussed how many reports to delete Instagram account.

How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account?

Usually, 10 declarations are required to get an Instagram account deleted. However, you have to hang on until Instagram recognizes the reports. In some situations, the reports get processed within 24 hours. While in other cases, it is noticed in two to three days. At times, Instagram may immediately shut down an account if the reports are genuine with sufficient grounds.

What are the Actions to Report An Instagram Profile?

If an IG page or profile is involved in verbal violence or any other grouds listed above, use the below steps to report it:

  1. Firstly, open your Instagram app.
  2. Next, arrive at the profile that you want to report.
  3. Thump on the three upright dots on the top-right side.
  4. You will get options like Report, Block, Restrict, Hide Your Story, Remove Follower, Copy Profile URL, and Share this Profile. Tap on the Report option.

how many reports to delete instagram account

  1. Under the Why Are You Reporting This Account section, two choices arrive – Report Post, Message or Comment, and Report Account. Select Report Account.
  2. Now, three options appear – It’s Posting Content that Shouldn’t Be on Instagram, It’s Pretending to be Someone Else, and It May Be Under the age of 13. Select a relevant reason.
  3. After that, you will get some more grounds to justify your reporting. Select it.
  4. Tap on Next —> Support Actions.
  5. Finally, you may choose to Block, Restrict, or Unfollow the account.

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How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account?

When you report an Instagram account, Instagram takes some time to inspect the report. Further, it scans if the reported account is deleted or is nonfunctioning.

Sometimes, Instagram overlooks sincere reports. It does not erase the account. Still, it may block that profile. Then, the user may request Instagram for account unblocking.

Conclusion on How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

Instagram endeavors to build a safer medium for its users. Hence, after receiving notices on how many reports to delete Instagram account, it counters violent posts, messages, and comments. Eventually, it deletes the account that vigorously promotes violence, harassment, or discrimination.