How Can I Fix AVG Secure Browser Technically That Can’t Be Uninstalled

AVG Secure Browser: An Incognito Web Browser for Secure Net Surfing; AVG Secure Browser is one of the leading private portals. It includes various safety and secrecy options that support secure internet browsing. Thus, this portal enables you to handle your virtual anonymity and confidential information with the Security and Privacy options.

Issues That Appear When Uninstalling AVG Secure Browser

However, deinstalling this browser always lands you in certain troubles. Examine the problems below that you may encounter during AVG Secure Browser uninstallation:

Software Not Present in Apps & Features

Firstly, you cannot discover this portal in the Apps and Features category. Hence, you cannot comprehend how you can initiate its uninstallation.

Error Messages Shown

Secondly, you may spot an app error message when removing the AVG Secure Browser from your Windows PC. You may get an error note that you do not hold a permit to remove AVG Secure Browser. To do so, you need to connect with the device manager. Further, you may notice an error text that says your PC cannot retrieve the particular route, system, or program.

You must know that antivirus programs creation is to provide comprehensive security to the system. Consequently, deletion of such software appears quite impossible. Therefore, we have discussed four easy methods to fix AVG Secure Browser downloaded in your system.

4 Methods to Fix AVG Secure Browser That Can’t Be Uninstalled

Review the below four methods to set right the AVG Secure Browser:

Method 1: Uninstall Browser via Settings

  1. Firstly, tap on the Start icon present at the taskbar.

2. Hit on Settings —> Apps —> Apps & Features.

3. Search for the AVG Secure Browser in the Search the list bar.

4. Once it appears, tap on it. Choose Uninstall.

AVG Secure Browser erasure from your device successfully drops excess or scrap files. So, to remove these records, use the command line illustrated below:

  1. At first, prompt the Windows button and X key jointly.
  2. Next, select Windows Powershell (Admin).
  3. Execute the following commands one by one:
  4. cd %appdata%
  5. cd ..local
  6. rmdir / q / s avgBrowser
  7. rmdir / q / s %programdata%avgbrowser
  8. AVG secure browser will get uninstalled once you implement the above commands in sequence.

Note: Remember that usage of these commands will erase the excess files perpetually.

Method 2: Use a Resourceful Browser

Generally, most of the top-notch browsers are not without errors. Still, you may download a quick and safe browser with almost no concerns. For example, you may test the Opera browser that includes all the essential options. Also, Opera does not require any support from other add-ons. You can instantly download the Opera web browser via

You can personalize this browser according to your requirements using its libraries and specific tabs. Ultimately, you can mark favorites and convey your chores across your different gizmos.

Method 3: Utilize AVG Clear Tool

  1. Firstly, download the AVG Clear tool via

2. After that, initiate software execution.

3. Finally, chase the automated directions to fix AVG Secure Browser.

Method 4: Utilize Third-Party Uninstaller Tool

Unable to settle AVG Secure Browser, take help from a reliable third-party uninstaller software. For instance, you may download IObit Uninstaller Pro using the link:

IObit is a handy uninstaller tool that removes AVG and its relevant files.

  1. To begin with, download the IObit program’s free version.
  2. Run the IObit .exe file
  3. You can notice all the apps in its control panel.
  4. Choose AVG Secure Browser and tap on Uninstall.
  5. Let the AVG uninstallation process complete.
  6. Finally, restart your Windows PC.

Final Words on Fix AVG Secure Browser

These are the four main ways to put right the AVG software. We hope you have understood the issues that arrive when you endeavor to uninstall AVG. Therefore, utilize these methods to get rid of AVG secure browser and its related files out of your PC

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