Here’s How You Can Block Someone on Linkedin Without Them Knowing

Block Somebody on Your Linkedin Profile, We are residing in the ultra-modern age. There is a service of hi-tech devices like PCs, laptops, cellphones, tablets, and many more gadgets. Running a smartphone or laptop is appealing when there is internet connectivity.

With a stable net connection, we have the opportunity to surf the web. Additionally, we make accounts on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Sites like Facebook or Instagram help us to remain connected with our people.

Similarly, Linkedin is one of the extensive networks over the web that connects working professionals. The main goal of this channel is to make skilled persons flourishing and effective. Also, you get the chance to search for relevant jobs through your Linkedin profile.

However, you find inappropriate or useless content on these social networking channels. Even you have to tackle annoying posts over Linkedin. Thus, you need to take steps to block someone on Linkedin.

Check Out The Steps to Block Someone On Linkedin

Take a look at the method below for blocking a troubling person on Linkedin. The approach will never notify the other person that you have backlisted them on Linkedin.

Initiate Linkedin App

Firstly, set up mobile data or WiFi.

Next, open your Linkedin app on your smartphone. Or proceed to the Linkedin site.

Visit Person Profile

Proceed to the profile of the person whom you want to place in the blocklist.

Press More

Press on the three dots or More.

Pull-Down Menu

A pull-down menu will appear. You will get options like Share Profile via Message, Contact Info, Connect, Personalize Invite, Following, and Report or Block.

Pick Report or Block

Hit on the Report or Block option.

‘What Do You Want to Do’ Option

You will get the What Do You Want to Do preference that contains options such as Report Content on Profile, Report Post, Comment, or Message, Get Help, and Block.

Select Block

Click on the Block (Person name) option.

Confirm Your Blocking Decision

A pop message will arrive: Are you sure you want to block (person name)?

Click Block

Finally, tap on the Block option to block someone on Linkedin.

How to View Blocklist or Unblock a Person on Your Linkedin Account?

Once you select the Block option, the person will get blocked. Visit the Linkedin Settings to view the blocked persons. Plus, you have to visit Linkedin Settings → Visibility → Blocking to unblock someone.

Note: Once you unblock a person from your Linkedin account, you cannot re-block that person for 48 hours. Also, your Linkedin profile is viewable by that person. Both of you can convey messages. Yet, you have to re-follow that person if you wish to.

Can You Know Whether Somebody Has Blocked You on Linkedin?

In reality, Linkedin does not inform you when somebody blocks you or vice-versa. Despite that, some tricks may reveal that somebody has barred you on Linkedin. Take a glance at those tricks:

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Profile No Longer Accessible

If a connection on your Linkedin account is no longer in your follower’s list, it points out that the person has blocked you from their Linkedin account.

Use a Stand-in Linkedin Account

Another way to know if someone has blocked you on Linkedin is to use a backup Linkedin account to view that person’s profile.

Cannot View Someone’s Linkedin Profile

You are blocked on Linkedin when you cannot see someone’s profile via its Profile Link or URL.

Thus, these three tricks will enable you to discover if someone has blocked you on the Linkedin network.


Now, there is no need to erase or deactivate your social networking profiles. If anyone appears troublesome or toxic for your inner peace, stop them. Therefore, use the above method to block someone on Linkedin and protect your mental wellbeing. Besides, use the above directions to realize if anyone blocked you on Linkedin.