Here’s How to Get the Old Snapchat Filters Back Using the New ‘Lens Store’

Many Snapchatters want to access the old Snapchat filters. If you are one of them, study this guide to understand the way to unlock and use old filters in your Snapchat app.

old Snapchat filters

Snapchat: Most Popular Snaps Sharing & IM (Instant Messaging) App

Snapchat is the most picked snap capturing, photo sharing, and chatting app. It contains various eye-popping options. Also, you may find many features on Snapchat bit puzzling. Discussing each component in one post is not sufficient. Thus, below we have discussed everything about the filters and lenses option included in the Snapchat app.

old Snapchat filters

The filters or lenses are effects, graphics, or animations that you may use while capturing snaps on Snapchat. The filters are so impressive that it makes your photos extraordinary.

Snapchat Filters & Lenses: The Most Liked Feature

Snapchat enables the addition of filters when taking a photo. After you click a picture, you can immediately share it in your Snapchat story or share it personally with a buddy or in a group.

Some Popular Snapchat Filters

You can explore countless filters and lenses in Snapchat. Some trending filters on Snapchat include Big Glasses, Ciao, Hearts Collage, Vintage Hairstyle, Chromatic Butterflies, Ink Hair Glasses & Makeup, Crowns Frame, and the list goes on.

How to unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat step by step

Not only Snapchat but other applications provide the filters or lenses option. You may get the filters option in FB Messenger, Instagram app, etc.

Different apps allow you to utilize filters and lenses instantly while taking pictures or recording videos. Several apps may not function like IM apps. However, you have the share option in these applications.

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Snapchat Lenses & Filters Update Constantly

Snapchat frequently revamps its lenses and filters. You may find a few filters for about 4 to 5 days.

When new filters arrive, you are unable to browse old Snapchat filters and lenses. To get back the old filters or lenses, you need to visit the Lens Store on Snapchat.

How to Access Old Snapchat Filters and Lenses Forever?

Snapchat introduced the Lens Store to offer old filters and lenses for the users. Accordingly, Snapchat users may purchase their favorite old filters or lenses by paying £0.79 or $0.99. Snapchat will offer free filters constantly. But if you want to obtain old filters like (Rainbow Puke), you may buy them via the new Lens Store.

Steps to Get Old Snapchat Filters via the new Lens Store

Seek the process given below to acquire old filters via the Snapchat Lens Store:

Open Playstore or Appstore

Firstly, move to Google Playstore or AppStore on your phone.

Search Snapchat

Next, search for the Snapchat app.

Update Snapchat App

Ensure you have updated your Snapchat app. If not, tap on the update option to download the latest Snapchat updates.

Open Snapchat

Once the app gets revised, open it.

Press Near Snapchat Camera

Press a while anywhere outside the Snapchat camera button.

Filters/Lenses Appear

Different filters or lenses arrive. The existing filters or lenses are complimentary.

old Snapchat filters

Swipe Left of Filters

But swiping the filters to the left, you may watch some fresh filters or lenses of £0.79 or $0.99.

old Snapchat filters

Select Filter to Buy

Now, choose a filter that you want to buy and press on it for a moment.

Popup Arrive

A pop-up appears that enables you to purchase your desired filter.

old Snapchat filters

Buy Old Snapchat Filters

Finally, purchase the preferred filter to gain it perpetually.

Final Words

The Lens Store option of Snapchat allows the purchase of old Snapchat filters and lenses. Hence, apply the steps explained above to unlock old filters at a reasonable price. Ultimately, use old filters when shooting pictures via Snapchat. For more information please visit our website