Hard Reset TCL Roku TV

Are you bothered with jammed software on your TCL Roku TV? In that situation, you should follow the reset tcl tv method. Master or Factory Reset makes your tcl TV operative by erasing all the saved Settings data, web linkages, menu selections, Roku info, lock or unlock pin, and parent control passwords.

After initiating the hard reset step, allow recommended configuration on your smart Roku TV. It will establish a refreshed internet connectivity, Roku account connection, and channels store. Further, recount the information setup and channels search.

Some Facts About TCL Roku TV

The TCL Roku TV is one of the most preferred smart TV with a simple remote device. The Roku television models are accessible in various dimensions like 4K, 8K, and HD. Top-notch brands like Hisense, Philips, Sanyo, TCL, JVC, Hitachi, and more offer reasonably-priced Roku TV models.

reset tcl tv

Roku TV provides software updates frequently. If several channels are inaccessible on Roku TV, updating the device is essential.

Note: Before applying the reset tcl tv measure, attempt software or system updation. Perhaps, this single step may settle your tcl Roku TV issues immediately.

Scan the Steps to Trigger System Update on TCL Roku TV

To update your tcl Roku TV, track the steps highlighted below:

Tap Settings

Firstly, proceed to the Roku TV Settings.

reset tcl tv
reset tcl tv

Tap System

After that, click on the System option.

Tap System Update

Now, click on the System Update option.

Check Software Update

Finally, review if software updates are available. If so, download the latest updates.

Even after completing the software update process does not fix your Roku TV errors, apply the reset tcl tv techniques discussed below.

Methods to Reset TCL TV

You can easily reset your TCL Roku TV in two ways presented below:

Method 1: via the Remote Control

Press Home Key

Firstly, tap on the Home button on the remote. The main screen appears.

reset tcl tv

Go to Settings

Next, move down a bit and choose Settings.

Choose System

Now, pick the System option.

Select Advanced System Settings

Click on the Advanced System Settings.

Factory Reset

Locate the Factory Reset option. Tap on it.

Factory Reset Everything

Proceed to the Factory Reset Everything option.

Enter Code

Finally, type in the four-digits code given on the screen and tap Ok.

reset tcl tv

Note: Usually, the default code to reset tcl tv is 1234. However, every time a new code appears while using the factory reset option. If you do not remember the code, try typing in the Super/Master Code – 0812 Or 0423.

Using the first method will reset your TCL Roku TV. But if it does not work, go to method 2.

Method 2: Using the Reset Button on the TV

Use Paper Clip/Ball Pen

Firstly, take an aligned paper fastener or a ball pen.

Press Reset Button

Now, push the Reset button present behind the TV for about 12 secs.

reset tcl tv

Check Status Indicator

The Status Indicator gets shady once the reset process concludes.

Free Reset Button

Subsequently, discharge the Factory Reset button. The TV switches off.

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Turn On the TV

Finally, switch on your TCL Roku TV. Configure it.

Final Words on Reset TCL TV

We understand missing your favorite shows or movies due to a non-functioning Roku TV is annoying. Hence, apply the two Hard Reset techniques listed above on your TCL Roku TV.

I likewise trust you preferred the article and assembled data subsequent to understanding it. Leave your remarks or inquiries down the article. Thank You for visiting our website techmoj.com