Goodnotes Vs Notability: Which One is Best for You (Complete Coverage)

Here I would compare Goodnotes Vs Notability apps which are mostly used on digital platform nowadays.

iOS device users hold various options for recording, modifying, and giving out notes. If you are an Apple device user, you will get a Notes solution with extensive elements to use. Also, you will enjoy iCloud storage support and integration.

Goodnotes Vs Notability: 2 Most Popular Note-Taking Apps

Some other notes-taking applications offer extra functionality that includes multiple templates, shapes, and document sharing features. You will discover two prominent note-taking applications in the Appstore: Goodnotes Vs Notability.

In this article, we will share some facts about these two apps for iPad. You can select any of these applications as per your requirements and fondness.

Goodnotes App: Your Digital Notebook to Organize Your Notes Conveniently

You can regard Goodnotes 5 as your digital notebook to take down notes. It is similar to penning down text on a sheet of paper. You can make notes on received PDF files. Thus, this app enables you to stay paperless.

You can use this app to arrange your notes smartly. There is no chance of losing your valuable documents. Use Goodnotes to avoid untidy writing tables, bulky bags, and photocopy service queues.  

Goodnotes app embraces a perfect Apple Pencil Synchronization. You can use the stylus option to choose shapes, pencil width, and colors. Making notes and generating diagrams gets simple with Goodnotes. Before talking about Goodnotes Vs Notability, learn about the Notability app too.

Notability: An App to Take Notes in Different Formats

Notability App

The Notability app allows you to take down notes in multiple layouts. You can record images, diagrams, content, and audio. This app offers several choices and uses for school students to make a recording manageable.

Goodnotes Vs Notability: Main Points of Differences Between the Two Apps

Graphical User Interface

Graphical user interface

The first point of Goodnotes Vs Notability is their graphical user interface. You will catch the ‘Documents’ view in the only column in Goodnotes. You can arrange this feature in a date or alphabetical way. Plus, use the navigation option given below to search for preferred notes.

In the Notability app, you will get a two-grid user interface like the regular iPad Notes apps. So, UI choice depends on you. But the interface of Goodnotes is pleasing and better.

Paper Options



A paper option is another point for Goodnotes Vs Notability. There are several types of papers in Goodnotes that include Essential, Writing, Planner, Accounting, and Music. Most of these papers are available in portrait and landscape layouts. 

Moreover, you can use a blank, ruled, legal, squared, or dotted papers in yellow and white shade.

In Notability, you will get four types of squared and ruled blank papers in portrait form. You can change the paper color up to 15 shades.


You have to enter any phrase in the navigation bar to get numerous results in Goodnotes like notes headings, complementary PDF, and inputted word.

But in Notability, you will access main notes’ results matching the words entered in the search option. You will not get the concrete results. So, in Goodnotes Vs Notability, the Goodnotes search feature is far-reaching than Notability.

PDF Transfer & Changing Templates

You can introduce any PDF document into the Goodnotes app. You can easily convert the PDF into a paper form.

Notability enables you to receive a PDF file and attach it to an already present note. You can select those pages that you can choose to import. But you cannot convert the PDF document into the paper. Thus, we can say Goodnotes is better as it offers the option to create customized sheets.

Note-Taking Tools

Goodnotes Vs Notability Apps

Note-taking tools are another feature to discuss Goodnotes Vs Notability

You can use a text box, pen, highlighter, eraser, shape tool, image store, and camera in Goodnotes. 

You can alter the pen into a brush pen, ball pen, or fountain pen. Also, you can customize the hue and thickness of the pen tool.

Notability consists of tools such as an eraser, pen, text box, marker, and audio recorder. Moreover, you have access to a camera, image store, shapes, GIFs, etc. You can use only 12 sizes of the pen tool and different shades.

Accordingly, Goodnotes is a better choice as it offers unlimited custom pen thickness.  

Adding Images 

Goodnotes allows you to add photos automatically using the toolbar. You can view the newest images and the complete picture collection. You can add a picture to the page and crop it as your preference.

Notability offers an image adding option that includes image crop, caption, and wrapping text feature. But the minus point is that if you try to open the entire image store, the app may slow down. Also, you cannot shift the image once inserted on a page.  

Notability offers more features than the Goodnotes app. But the latter one is easy-to-use for the users.

Audio Recording

The audio recording option is only accessible in the Notability app. Use the microphone in Notability to take down notes while recording the audio. This option is useful during the meetings and lectures.

Goodnotes Vs Notability: Dark Mode Access & Platform Upheld

Talking about Goodnotes Vs Notability, the dark mode is present in Notability only. It implies that you can convert the UI or page into a black or gray shade. Additionally, both apps have the iPhone app with similar options as in iPad. But Notability supports Mac more effectively than Goodnotes.

Hence, these are the main points of dissimilarities between the Goodnotes and Notability apps. The similarity between the two apps is the Apple pencil support feature.

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Wrapping Up

By now, you have understood the different features present in Goodnotes and Notability. Both these apps are helpful in their ways. These are the best note-taking apps that completely substituted paper and pen usage with the notes-making digitally. So, choose the one that satisfies your needs.