GIFs on Snapchat How to Send it Know Step By Step Guide | 2022

Are you looking for some easy methods to place GIFs on Snapchat? To help you out, we have explained the process of searching and adding GIFs on pictures clicked via the Snapchat app.

GIFs on Snapchat

Some Basic Info on Snapchat

Snapchat is the most trending IM (Instant Messaging) and snaps sharing app worldwide. The app enables quick interaction between buddies. Snapchat provides several custom-made options to improve your creativeness.

GIFs on Snapchat

Whether you need to share an instantly-clicked photo or initiate a chat, Snapchat offers superb features. A fantastic option available is the placement of GIFs on Snapchat. It allows you to create innovative pictures.

Presently, stickers, emojis, and GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are in vogue. These animated GIFs combine humor and dynamism to the snaps or videos. Overall, it enriches your multimedia adventure.

Method to Share GIFs on Snapchat (on Android & iOS)

Here, examine the method to place sparky GIFs on snaps/videos captured via Snapchat:

Install Snapchat

Firstly, download the Snapchat app via Google Playstore or AppStore.

Snapchat Log in

Once the app gets installed, sign-up or log in as required.

Tap Camera

Next, go to the camera icon provided at the bottom. Tap on it to capture a photo or video clip.

GIFs on Snapchat

Tap Sticker

After that, hit on the sticker option given on the right side.

GIFs on Snapchat

Tap GIF or Trending GIPHY

Now, tap on the GIF search option. Use a GIF already available under the GIPHY section. Else, search for a particular GIF as you need.

GIFs on Snapchat

Choose a GIF

Select a GIF of your choice and tap on it. Once the GIF gets added to the picture or video, you may drag, zoom in, or zoom out of it. You can remove the chosen GIF by pulling it towards the trash bin present on the right.

GIFs on Snapchat

Share in Story or with Friends

Finally, share the perfectly-achieved photo or video in the Snapchat story, Snap Map, Private Story, or with a friend in chat.

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Method to Convey a GIF from Phone Gallery to Snapchat

Sometimes, you may download some GIFs online. Thus, you can easily send those GIFs on Snapchat. Use the steps presented below to insert GIFs from the phone gallery to Snapchat.

Open Phone Gallery

Firstly, open your phone gallery and choose a GIF you want to share on the Snapchat app.

Select Share to Apps

After that, tap on the Share button —> Share to Apps.

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Select Snapchat

Tap on More and choose Snapchat.

Share GIF on Snapchat

Once the GIF enters Snapchat, share it in the Snapchat Story or with a friend or group of friends.

Final Words

Thus, use the steps mentioned above to insert GIFs in photos or videos. Also, frequently update your Snapchat app to use GIFs and unlock its new options.

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