Know About File Extension AAE and How Can You Open it

When working on your computer, you come across many file extensions. These indicate the type of file. For example, if you receive a .docx file, you can open and edit it with Word. However, if you come across the AAE extension, it is not that easy on Windows.

While browsing your photos folder, you may have come across the AAE file extension. On an Apple device, the photo might be named IMG_12345.AAE. File extensions may not appear by default on a Windows computer. Therefore, the name of the image file can just be IMG_12345 with a blank icon preview. This can be confusing for Windows users. I’m sure you are wondering what kind of file this is and how to open it because when you try you get a message like “Windows cannot open this file”.

What is file extension AAE

You cannot open .AAE files on Macs and Windows systems directly. However, there is a solution for this situation and it is quite simple. To open this file format and safely transfer modified versions of files, you have to first use your iPhone or Mac OS X / macOS.

In other words, the AAE editing file (which in turn includes all XML image edits) is independent of the image or video file itself, the JPG / MOV.

In addition, these files are not created in order to be opened manually, which is why the most appropriate thing is usually that we leave them only for iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite in order to be able to use them properly.

Programs to open AAE files


Executing the AAE file extension requires us to double-click on the file we want to open.

In the event that we have software installed that allows us to open it and that the file associations are properly configured, we can easily open them immediately. However, when the problem to open it continues, it is probably the result of groups of damaged files.

In any case, a program that will allow us to open AAR files whenever we need it turns out to be the following:

·         The first one is “AcqKnowledge“.

·         Second is “Apple Photos“.

·         And third is “Apple Text Edit“.

·         It is also possible to open AAE files on PC using the Notepad extension that is installed in the Windows operating system.

How to delete AAE files on iPhone

If you are using a personal computer, be it Mac or PC, do not hesitate to delete the .AAE files. However, if you delete a file of this type on an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher operating system, you will only have the original image, losing any previous editing you have made on it.

On the other hand, if you have decided to delete an AAE file, you can do it normally, by selecting the delete option in the context menu, as with any other file.

Convert AAE files to JPG online

For this, you can use the multiple file converters that exist on the Internet, such as:

  • ·         Jinaconvert.
  • ·         Convertimage.
  • ·         Online Convert.
  • ·         NCH ​​Software.

Can I delete aae files?

As mentioned earlier, as of now, these files are completely unusable on Windows or any Android devices. The options for their use may become available soon, but we cannot predict when. You can safely delete these files however you want. However, if you want to save them in the hope that one day you can use them, then do nothing. Each of these files is tiny and takes up virtually no storage space.

Do you think creating these types of files is a problem? Going forward or backward for Apple? We think it’s great that the original photo isn’t automatically overwritten anymore, but it makes more sense to just ask ourselves if we want to overwrite it or save it separately. It could save space and create confusion.

As a user of a Mac, iPad or iPhone, you have probably come across files in AAE format. However, they cannot be easily opened in Windows 10. In this tip, we explain what AAE files actually are and how you can access the information they contain through your Windows computer.

AAE file always belongs to a JPEG file


The AAE file extension was first released with iOS 8 and is typically used by OS X and iOS operating systems. AAE files are basically just referenced files. They are automatically created in addition to a JPEG image when you edit photos on iPhone or Mac with the appropriate software.

The AAE file is therefore not the actual image; it contains all the changes made to the original photo. Ergo, an AAE file also cannot be converted to JPG.

The processing steps are saved in XML format. This allows them to be tracked individually and, if necessary, canceled after several actions. This means that you are much more flexible than traditional photo editing, as you are not limited to steps forward or backward in the log (like in Adobe Photoshop, for example).

Good to know: AAE files are not displayed in the respective photo editing application, but only directly in the storage folder via the file browser.

AAE file can only be read with Apple products

AAE files can only be opened and used on Apple devices. You basically have the option of viewing them in Windows using a text editor (eg Notepad ++). Unfortunately, it doesn’t do you any good.

However, you can instead open the associated photo on your Windows PC. In this case, all you need to do while copying is to use the JPEG file instead of the AAE file. However, the changes already made are missing because they are stored in the AAE file (which cannot be read by Windows). Also, since the file format is incompatible with Windows, as mentioned earlier, you cannot just move your AAE file to disk with the JPEG.

In order to still be able to access your edited images in Windows, you must take the detour via iTunes or iCloud. Too complicated? Then, as an alternative, there is also the option of simply sending this via AirDrop or email.

AAE files take up very little space

If you no longer wish to use the information or changes and modifications stored there, of course, nothing prevents deleting the AAE files. Since they’re usually only a few kilobytes, they don’t have a significant effect on your device’s storage space. If necessary, you can just stay where you are.

How do I open an aae file in Windows?


On your computer, you will always come across new file extensions that cannot always be opened on all systems. This is also the case with AAE files on Windows computers. Files with the AAE extension are typically generated by a macOS device or other Apple device. Information is recorded in these files that indicates when the image was modified. This allows you to undo unwanted changes at any time.

What app opens aae files?

iPhoto on iOS 8 is the only application to support the AAE.

An AAE file is a file that contains additional information about an image.

This is not the real photo. It is therefore not possible to access it via Windows.

If you want to open the photo on your Windows PC, make sure when copying the photo from your Apple device that you are using the JPG file and not the AAE file.

When copying directly between the two devices, it may also happen that the changes are no longer visible because they are saved in the AAE file and cannot be read by Windows. If so, use iTunes or iCloud to move files.

If you want to view AAE file, this is only possible on an Apple device.