Facebook Touch, Know More About Whether Facebook Touch Worth Using

Facebook, the top social networking site, has steady Android and iOS FB applications. Still, several users prefer its touch-streamlined mobile portal – Facebook Touch. Touch offers a multitude of beneficial options. In this article, you will comprehend whether FB Touch is worthy or not.

Essential Facts Regarding the Facebook Touch

Whenever anyone talks about a touchscreen, we instantly refer to smartphones. However, this is not applicable when discussing FB Touch. Facebook revealed the FB Touch in 2009 for those users who did not have a touch phone. It is a sort of FB browser that one can utilize on any mobile phone to view their Facebook profile.

Facebook Touch

The downloading and installation of FB Touch is not possible as it is portal-enabled. The FB Touch browser (https://touch.facebook.com/) works well on both touch and feature phones.

Do not forget touch-based devices do not only run on Android or iOS. Devices like Windows laptops or Ubuntu gizmos contain a different OS. Yet, FB Touch is an easy-to-use FB interface that functions on any device.

Facebook Touch vs. Facebook Mobile Website

Facebook mobile website (https://www.facebook.com/) is for dynamic smartphones. But FB touch is more advantageous than FB mobile site. FB Touch involves less data usage, proper functioning, and orderly features.

Even it performs better on ill-defined displays. If you own an iOS or Android phone that is outdated or mediocre, FB Touch is helpful and snappy.

Features that Makes FB Touch Worthwhile

In this section, grasp the essential options present in FB Touch:

Swift Browser

FB Touch is a concise edition of the Facebook website. As a result, it does not employ an extra setup. It pinpoints that FB Touch goes well with inferior mobile devices or any newest or revised handsets.

Runs Better When Slow Internet Connectivity

FB Touch is an alternative option when a 3G network is absent or net speed is lagging. Within the GPRS domain, Facebook Touch is beneficial. There is no need for FB app initiation. Thus, utilize the web browser on your phone and use the FB touch website when the internet is sluggish.

Deliver Improved Image Quality

Utilizing the FB Touch site on a handset with mediocre CPUs or low transmission capacity usually gives you enhanced picture quality. Consequently, pictures will appear quickly. Also, video clips will play at a faster rate with fewer halts.

Facebook Touch

Consume Less Battery

FB Touch is a decent choice if the phone battery is about to be dead. The Touch site delivers less Facebook stuff when you unlock your FB account.

These are some basic features of FB Touch that make it valuable. However, the Touch browser has its disadvantages.

Facebook Touch Drawbacks

Now, spot the drawbacks of FB Touch as explained below:

No Desktop Version

If you use a PC or a larger HD display, FB Touch does not perform well. There is no PC edition of FB Touch. If you access the Touch site on a PC, it will open but in an inept extended manner.

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Not Suitable on Powerful Handsets

There is no use of FB Touch on a handset that is robust. For such devices, downloading the Facebook app is appropriate.


So, we can say that FB Touch is suitable on almost every device, no matter what OS the gadget handles. But having an average handset with a slow net, you may consider using the Facebook Lite App.