Electric Pencil Sharpener for Quick, No-Mess Sharpening Updates 2022

Writing or sketching with an unsharpened pencil is displeasing. Use a trendy electric pencil sharpener instead of a hand-actuated sharpener to have a pointy pencil. Electric sharpeners quickly make your pencil sharp-edged. You may not know which electric sharpener you should consider buying. Check this guide to learn about some of the top electric sharpeners brands.

Electric Pencil Sharpener: An Easy & Unmessy Way to Sharpen Your Pencils

Earlier, the manual pencil sharpeners do not edge the pencils instantly. Also, such sharpeners sprawl the shreds and make everything cluttered. However, an electric sharpener is soundless and teeny-weeny. It sharpens the pencils without rambling wood flakes.

Top 6 Electric Pencil Sharpener List

There is a large assortment of electric sharpeners accessible online or at stationery shops. Below, we have reviewed the top 6 electric sharpeners to assist your buying decision. So, get a good electric sharpener and avoid writing or sketching with a blunt pencil.

AFMAT Classroom Pencil Sharpener

One of the most excellent electric sharpeners you may purchase is the AFMAT sharpener. It is a long-lasting and quick electric pencil sharpener that contains sturdy cutters.

AFMAT Pencil Sharpener Features:

Sharpen 200 Pencils Back-to-Back

The AFMAT sharpener sharpens about 200 pencils in a row.

Sharpen Every Pencil Type

It hones black lead or color pencils.


Make Pencil Edgy in 5 Seconds

AFMAT sharpener includes big spiral cutters with powerful machinery that makes pencil pointy in 5 secs.


Electric Pencil Sharpener

Extra Features

The sharpener contains nonslip inlays and translucent storage to hold pencil trimmings.

Designed for Schools Especially

It is a safe sharpener for schools. With improperly placed storage, it won’t work. Ultimately, it protects your fingers from the cutters. Also, the sharpener will shut down if overheated.

Note: Do not use AFMAT sharpener for delicate lead pencils. And do not push the pencils harshly in the sharpener. It will make noise. Plus, the pencil won’t sharpen.

Jarlink Electric Sharpener

If you want to buy a cheap yet high-quality electric sharpener, you may consider Jarlink.

Jarlink Features:

Suitable for Schools & Offices

Jarlink electric sharpener is one of the top choices in offices and schools. It smoothly runs via batteries, A/C adapter, or USB cords.

Translucent Shavings Storage

The translucent storage of Jarlink is big enough to contain pencil flakes. Also, you do not need to adjust it frequently.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Automated Stop Option

Jarlink does not work due to an incorrectly installed storage unit.

Suitable for 6 to 8 mm Pencils

The sharpener is suitable for sharpening pencils of 6 to 8mm.

Note: Jarlink sharpener has a drawback. It cannot manage the pointiness of the pencils.

X-ACTO Mighty Pro Electric Sharpener

If you want to modernize your workplace, classroom, or studio with a stylish electric sharpener, buy X-ACTO Mighty Pro.

X-ACTO Mighty Pro features:

Considerable Sharpener Made of Metal

X-ACTO is metal sharpeners. It is an extensive sharpener of 10.35*5.82 inches.

Sturdy Blades

The sharpener involves sturdy spiral razors that hone the pencil end accurately.

SafeStart Option

The cutter won’t start unless you attach the translucent flakes storage correctly.

 LED Light

The LED light integrated into the sharpener averts the over-edging of pencils.

Suction Cups

You can fix the sharpener on work surfaces without any trouble.

Note: X-ACTO sharpener is costly and uses a desk space as it is expansive.

POWERME Electric Pencil Sharpener

If you need a small-sized and easy-to-carry sharpener, try out POWERME sharpener.

POWERME Features:

Lightweight, Compact, & Battery-Operated

POWERME sharpener is weightless and runs on batteries only.

Available in Different Colors

It is available in various colors like green, black, and purple.

Electric Motor

POWERME machinery operates on changeable batteries of 4 AA.

Suitable for Pencils Like

The sharpener is a decent choice for stroking colored and lead pencils.

Note: You cannot charge the sharpener using USB cords as it performs on batteries only. Also, cleanse the sharpener daily to prevent halts.

Bostitch QuietSharp 6

A good pencil sharpener that you may use in a classroom is Bostitch Quietsharp 6.

Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Features:

No Loud Pencil Sharpening

Spaces like classrooms, libraries, or offices maintain silence to prevent distractions. Therefore, Bostitch Quietsharp 6 is a sound-free sharpener. It implies it does not make any noise when stroking pencils.

Heavy-Duty Blades

The strong razors of this sharpener sharpen the pencils within 4 secs. Moreover, this electric pencil sharpener is usable in a lecture room.

want a safe and pretty electric sharpener for your kids? Then, you may buy a Lolmi sharpener.

Lolmi Sharpener Features:

3 Sharpness Options

Lolmi sharpener encompasses three sharpening features: Edgy, Moderate, Blunt. It is ideal for children who severely press pencils while writing.


t is accessible in two shades: black-white and pink-white.

Suitable for 6 to 8mm Pencils

It is a battery-operated sharpener that strokes pencils of 6 to 8 mm.

Note: It is a small sharpener with a bin to store pencil peelings. Hence, the flakes bin requires cleaning repeatedly.

Conclusion on Electric Pencil Sharpener

These are the top 6 electric sharpeners useful in lectures, workplaces, or bookhouses. Thus, select a suitable one and quit writing with unpointed pencils.