Dray Tek Vigor3910 the Excellent WAN VPN Router

Simple consumer-class VPN (Virtual Private Network) routers are sufficient for small-scale enterprises. But for large organizations communicating with remote systems, the Dray Tek Vigor3910 VPN router is an excellent choice.

The digital world is a fearsome space for everyone. All the data we share across the internet are vulnerable. We utilize the web for activities such as online shopping, banking, and communicating with our associates.

For instance, a website can track your IP address, place, and identity details when you visit it. Thus, the use of a VPN will protect our secrecy and data privacy.

Here, we have explained the essential features and benefits of the Dray Tek Vigor3910 WAN (Wide Area Network) VPN router.

Dray Tek Vigor3910: Corporate-Level Wideband Router to Manage Your Network

DrayTek Company is known for creating networking devices such as VPN routers for home or offices, switches, software, access points, and accessories. DrayTek Company is in Hsinchu (Taiwan).

It introduced Dray Tek Vigor3910, a leading 10GB VPN router. It aims to assist the amplified bandwidth requests of firms while using cloud storage services.

This leading router is available in DrayTek’s Vigor range. It is a user-friendly, high-performing, adaptable, powerful, and extensive enterprise VPN router.

Main Features & Benefits of Dray Tek Vigor3910

  1. Quad-Core Processor Transfers 9GB/s of NAT

The Vigor 3910 runs on a quad-core processor. It allows it to convey above 9 GB/s (Gigabyte per second) of NAT (Network Address Translation) data. So, the Dray Tek Vigor3910 is a beneficial and versatile VPN router.

  1. Capable to Establish 500 Real-Time VPN Tunnels

It is not simple to accomplish consistent and high-speed communication in the enterprise utilizing VPN tunnels. But Vigor 3910 is a robust VPN router. It helps corporations to attain around 500 real-time tunnels or encrypted links.

  1. Super Dialing Speed 

Vigor3910 VPN provides 3GB/s IP Security (IPsec) output to guarantee a tremendous customer experience. It is competent in handling 500 IPsec VPN tunnels in 80 seconds.

  1. 8 Flexible WAN/LAN Ports

The Dray Tek Vigor3910 VPN contains eight exchangeable WAN/LAN ports. Also, it includes 10GbE SFP+, 2.5GbE, and 1GbE ports to support fiber networking. Thus, this router helps in expanding your enterprise.

  1. Load Regulating Router               

Vigor3910 serves as a load regulating router that augments stability and increases output by supporting various internet links.

  1. Support Configuration Files

It permits the sending and receiving of configuration files between computers. Such files are written in plaintext that you can modify and save using an editor like Notepad.

  1. Network Analyzer Tool

This router identifies errors when loading .pcap documents and data (packets) allocated for the LAN port.

  1. Hardware Boost

The Dray Tek Vigor3910 VPN router speeds up all the sessions without losing the Quality of Service or Bandwidth Limit service.

  1. SSL VPN

Vigor 3910 operates with firewalls, a network security mechanism, to connect with remote devices in the network.

  1. PPP Connection

This router supports Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet to stalk a specific user’s traffic flow.

  1. Free DNS Service

The free DNS (Domain Name System) service allows you to use the router by setting a hostname as per your choice.

  1. Refine Web Pages

Use the Dray Tek Vigor3910 router to refine contents and prevent retrieving unsafe and wrong web pages.

  1. Captive Portal Option

Promote your business among the new visitors over the network via Vigor 3910 WAN VPN router.


The Dray Tek Vigor3910 VPN crushes all the networking hindrances encountered by businesses. It guarantees enhanced functionality and stability for enterprises. It is an innovative VPN router that manages requests of numerous VPN tunnels. So, purchase this reasonably-priced VPN concentrator to continue with your company’s networking activities.