Discord Stuck On Connecting, How To Troubleshoot this Problem in Windows PC

Discord is a VoIP app and computerized appropriation stage intended for video games networks. It is freeware; it is intended to assist the video game players conversing with one another progressively, which acquires extraordinary notoriety among the users. In any case, few clients reported that the Discord Stuck On Connecting screen perpetually, which troubles the players.

Discord is broadly utilized by users and different clients across the globe for quite a long time. The application guarantees a smooth VoIP calling experience while playing the game. Furthermore, it conveys. This is the kind of thing that makes Discord one of the famous chat apps for users. It also works with many apps and an intermittent error happens.

One significant issue that Discord users deal with is that it gets stuck while connecting especially in voice chats. The stuck issue simply spoils the playing experience and leads to disappointment. Be that as it may, this issue is effectively feasible, and by applying the right measures the users can fix the issue by themselves for enjoying the best playing experience.

Discord Stuck on Connecting
Discord Stuck on Connecting

The reason for the “Discord stuck on a connecting” issue

The explanation because of which Discord stuck on connecting from one individual to another, and it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to offer a one-size-fits-all response to that inquiry. The explanations behind the issue are restricted which are as follows:

• Router or internet issue: Internet issues with the router are extremely normal issues that could be briefly impeding the connectivity.

• DNS or Firewall: The DNS, or Firewall settings likewise may create some issues, it might even be a transitory error that can be fixed by essentially restarting the app or system.

• Malware: Any virus or malware issue is the reason behind such an error on the system.

• Date and Time settings: Another issue we’ve seen because of which issue occurs is the mismatch in the system time and date settings, thus it can be solved by changing the date and time settings.

• Other applications: Conflicting applications may likewise cause an aggravation in the smooth working of Discord. Thus close the conflicting apps on your system to resolve the same.

· Let’s discuss the measures to resolves the issues.

Measures to fix the Discord connecting error

Some of the easy measures to resolve the issues involve restarting your router, system, or modem device as it will help in resolving the issue.

In case this measure doesn’t work for your system then do try the following measures:

Try changing your Network Settings

The discord connecting issue may be caused due to the network or proxy settings. It has been reported by many users that changing these settings help them in resolving this issue. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

· Open your System Settings, or press Windows+I keys to open the settings.

· Now open the “Network & Internet setting”.

· Now, simply switch or click on the Proxy available in the left pane. Then from the right side of the window, you can toggle off “Use a proxy server” which is accessible at the part of the Manual proxy setup.

Discord Stuck on Connecting


After the same settings change kindly re-launch the discord and check if the issues resolve for you or not.

Try Changing your DNS Settings

DNS settings may also be because of the Discord issue thus follows the steps below to change the DNS settings.

· Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.

· On the dialog box type “ncpa.cpl” and click on the Enter. You will get the list of Internet connections there.

· Now click the Right on the connection which is used and then click on the “Properties” options

· On properties find the “Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4)”, and then double click the same

· Now check the same with the option as “Use the Following DNS Server Addresses”.

· Now simply change the DNS settings as shown in the image below.

Discord Stuck on Connecting

· Now save the same changed settings. Check now if the issue is resolved for you.

Try Allowing the Discord Running through the Firewall

At some moments the error occurs due to the Windows Firewall as it may block the Discord connection. Follow the steps below to seek the issue:

· Open the Control Panel.

· Now select the “Windows Defender Firewall” option

· Now select the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” option.

Discord Stuck on Connecting

· Now select the Change settings option and find “Discord” in the same and simply check on the box of Discord and then select OK. Now launch the Discord to check the issue as it may get fixed now.


Try these measures which we have discussed above to resolve the discord stuck connecting error for the application. In case the problem persists then you have to try installing the app again as it must be due to the issue in the app set up.

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