Discord Javascript Error, Know How to Fix it | 2022

Discord is a great app to remain connected with your friends or communities. However, many a time, Discord users encounter the Discord Javascript Error. The error is an impediment when you need to connect online instantly. So, in this post, we have mentioned some quick fixes for Javascript Error in Discord.

Discord Summary

Discord is cost-free IM (instant messaging) software released in 2015. It enables you to send and receive text messages, video calls, and voice calls. The app is in different programming languages like Javascript with React, Python, Elixir, Rust, and C++. Millions of users utilize Discord to communicate with their pals or groups.

Discord app is accessible in about 30 languages. It works well on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, Android, iPadOS, and other browsers. You may use it to discuss different content like emotional well-being, assignments, vacations, arts, and more. Usually, a small group of users uses Discord to chat daily.

Why the Discord Javascript Error occurs?

The reason concerning the Javascript error on Discord differs from individual to individual. However, the most common cause is the alteration in files due to PC component failure.

An altered Discord initiation file or any other software (for example, an antivirus program) may cause a Javascript error in the Discord app. Thus, the Discord software does not function effectively.

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Ways to Fix the Discord Javascript Error

Below, we have discussed a few quick techniques to solve the fatal Javascript glitch on Discord.

Way 1: Discord AppData Files Erasure

This method confirms that files operating Discord remain unchanged. Use the below steps to erase Discord Appdata files:

  1. Firstly, shut down the Discord software.
  2. Next, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to unlock Windows Task Manager.

3. A list of software appears. Pick Discord.

4. Go at the bottom and choose the End Task option to terminate all Discord processes.

5. Open Run by pressing Windows and R keys together.

6. Next, enter ‘%AppData%’ —> Ok.

7. Now, check for Discord in the apps list under the Roaming tab.

8. Right-tap on Discord —> Delete.

9. Unlock Run ( Windows key + R key) again. Enter ‘%LocalAppData%’ —> Ok.

10. Search Discord app —> tap Delete.

11. Shut down and resume your PC.

12. Go to https://discord.com/ to download Discord.

13. Finally, sign in to your Discord account.

Way 2: Discord Uninstallation & Reinstallation

Track the process given below to uninstall and re-install Discord:

  1. At first, hit Windows key+I key jointly —> Settings appear —> Apps.

2. Select Discord —> tap Uninstall.

3. Now, proceed to https://discord.com/ and install Discord.

4. Finally, access your Discord account. If the Javascript error continues in the software, follow the subsequent technique.

Way 3: Whitelist Discord Files on Antivirus Program

An antivirus that you use on your PC blocks off the installation of Discord files. Consequently, you may spot the Discord Javascript Error. To avert this snag, pursue the below process for:

For Avast:

  1. Right-tap on Avast icon —> Open.
  2. Tap on Protection —> Quarantine
  3. Now, tap on Add File to fix Discord Files.

4. Plus, tap on Menu —> Settings —-> General —> Exceptions —> Add Exception.

5. Finally, add the Discord file path to restore it.

For McAfee:

  1. Open McAfee and land at Settings —> Quarantined Items.
  2. Choose and fix the Discord file that McAfee quarantined.
  3. Finally, open Discord and review if the error ended.

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It was all about Discord Javascript Error. We hope you will never experience the Javascript error on Discord by using the above methods.