Delete Xbox Account, Know How to Delete it | 2022 Update Solution

Microsoft created the Xbox Network to facilitate the online gamers community. You can create your Xbox account for free to play video games and access other game options. Sometimes, a gamer does not require the Xbox profile any longer. In this post, we have provided steps to delete Xbox Account.

Delete Xbox Account

Xbox Account Creation: A Route to Access Microsoft Games

Xbox is a prominent video game console designed by Microsoft. If you have an Xbox, then you must have your Xbox profile. Your Xbox account supports you in accessing Microsoft video games. Besides, it allows you to easily select and play games with other participants on other mediums like Windows PC or Windows phone.

Delete Xbox Account

When to Delete Xbox Account?

You may take the step of deleting your Xbox account in the following two situations:

If Not Required Further

If you do not want to continue your Xbox account, consider deleting it. Hence, there is no need to invest your time in the Xbox network.

Limit Contact with Other Gamers

You can take the Xbox account deletion process to restrict other fellow participants. They cannot connect with you if you erase your Xbox profile.

Understand Some Facts About the Xbox Account & Microsoft Account

The Xbox accounts are not equivalent to the Microsoft accounts. Still, the Xbox accounts are not treated as separate accounts. The reason is these accounts are linked with the Microsoft accounts.

To create your Xbox profile, firstly, create your Microsoft account. You may utilize an identical email ID for your Xbox and Microsoft accounts.

Delete Xbox Account Means Discontinuing Your Microsoft Account

You cannot erase your Xbox account alone. It implies the Xbox account omission will erase your Microsoft account as well.

Things to Know When Cancelling Out a Microsoft Account

Certain things happen when you apply the Microsoft deletion process:

No Access to Microsoft Products/Services

Once you delete your Microsoft account, you cannot use any of its products or services. To use Microsoft services, you need to retrieve your Microsoft profile by entering your credentials.

Delete Xbox Account & All Related Content

You lose your Xbox account after shutting down your Microsoft account. Consequently, every game, app, and other item connected with your Xbox profile gets terminated.

Complete Closure of Microsoft Account in 60 Days

Your Microsoft account does not cancel out instantly. You need to confirm the Microsoft account discontinuation. After that, the account gets closed only after 60 days. At this moment, you lose everything associated with your Microsoft or Xbox accounts.

Detailed Solution to Delete Xbox Account

Follow the solution given below to delete your Xbox account:

Sign in to Your Microsoft Account

Firstly, proceed to and log in to connect with your Xbox account that you want to delete.

Click Security

Next, tap on the Security option present upwards.

Delete Xbox Account

Click More Security Options

Tap on the More Security Options available downwards.

Delete Xbox Account

Enter Password

Now, Microsoft requires your profile passcode. Supply it.

Type in the Security Code

After that, you may receive a secret code via Microsoft on your phone or email. Enter the code on the website.

Click More Security Settings

Next, tap on the More Security Settings option.

Click Close My Account

Navigate below the webpage and tap on the Close My Account option.

Tap Next

Check out the list of recommended things that Microsoft asks you to fulfill. Do it and tap on the Next button.

Put Tick in Checkboxes

You get directed to a new page where you need to read and understand the given info. Likewise, you have to place ticks on the tick boxes.

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Select Mark Account for Closure

Finally, tap on the Mark Account for Closure option given below. It suggests within 60 days, your Microsoft or Xbox account will get closed permanently.

Final Words on Delete Xbox Account

You need to hang on for 60 days for the complete closure of your Microsoft and Xbox accounts. Unluckily, erasing your Microsoft profile to delete your Xbox account is a harsh step. But it is the only method to end your Xbox profile. I likewise trust you preferred the article and assembled data subsequent to understanding it. Leave your remarks or inquiries down the article. Thank You for visiting our website