Classification of Applications of Computer Graphics | Uses of Computer Graphics

Grasp the Meaning of Computer Graphics: Computer graphics is a creative task where the person draws images on the PC display. The depiction of such images involves program writing. It is an excellent and practical procedure to display the prepared data to the computer user.

Computer graphics pictorially show the details. The information is in the format of imagery, graphs, diagrams, and charts. With the support of computer graphics, perceiving data in a graphical way rather than a plain language is easily comprehensible.

Therefore, we can convey that the computer graphics domain assists in articulating information in a graphic or vivid form. Ultimately, it simplifies the interaction between the computer and individuals.

Advantages or Uses of Computer Graphics

The computer graphic field is ultra for the latest electronic components and PCs. So, let’s explore the uses or advantages of computer graphics in different areas:

In the Entertainment Sector

There is a higher use of computer graphics in the entertainment industry to create animated movies or cartoons. It helps in developing feature films, television dramas, and PC games.

You should know that the first flick made using computer graphics was Throne. Later, Toy Story, a full-length animated movie achieved with computer graphics. The film sector is developing at a higher speed and needs top-notch artistry and images.

Simulated Textiles or Cloths Designing

Clothes play a crucial role in computer graphics. All animated avatars or cartoons put on costumes designed using computer graphics.

You can see the usage of virtual fabrics or clothes in movies or virtual games. It is through graphics tools that the creation of complicated textiles gets easier.

You can observe that the virtual costume corresponds according to the action of an anime. All this is feasible because of the computer graphics.

In the Medicine Field

Another domain that uses computer graphics extensively is the medicine department. Accordingly, computer graphics support the medicinal teams in assessing the ailments effectively. The different graphics tools aid in creating and handling 3D or 4D virtual human anatomy models. Moreover, the analysis of delicate tissues and body organs is possible using graphics.

Human Modeling

The newest computer graphics help to develop simulated objects showcasing stunning features. Further, the graphics sphere adds natural movements in the animated entities. Computer graphics support in human modeling. Designing fictional heads, faces, bodies, settings, and crowds is achievable via computer graphics.

Drawing Machine Parts

The sketching, alteration, and designing of different components of machines or the entire machinery are executed utilizing computer graphics. The graphics tools are used because it renders clearness and accuracy. Consequently, the correct generation of virtual machine images helps in reliable machine manufacturing.

Applications of Computer Graphics

Photographs Editing

Different images are reworked so that they can be used for various purposes. Thus, the transforming or editing of pictures is possible due to computer graphics techniques.

Applications of Computer Graphics

In the Education Sector

The academic notions are created via the applications of Computer Graphics. As a result, it gets easy for the teachers and students to comprehend and retain scholarly conceptualizations made using graphic tools.

Applications of Computer Graphics

Hence, there is a greater need for pictorial entities in the line of PC games, armed forces, clothes design, post-hospital care, and many more.

Applications of Computer Graphics

After the uses, check out the classification of applications of Computer Graphics. The five different tenets according to which the computer graphics applications get classified are:

Object Type or Dimensionality

Based on object type or dimensions, scan the computer graphics applications classification indicated below:

1D (One-dimensional)

2D (Two-dimensional)

Picture or Image Type

The second classification of computer graphics applications depends on the image type. The images or pictures can be:



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Kind of Interaction

The applications of Computer Graphics classification also depend on the kind of interaction. The interaction can be:



Function of Picture

The utility of images is another tenet for classifying computer graphics applications. The pictures can be as:

An Illustration

Being a finished product such as graphic or drawing

Graphical Presentation

The graphical presentation is the basis for the classification of applications of Computer Graphics. The simulated items can be in the form of:

Multicolored Pictures

Monochrome Imagery

Schematic Representation, and more.


In essence, computer graphics deliver comprehensive conversation between the computer and the user. Most notably, it supplies you the ability to apprehend fine elements, understand shifts, and visualize real or unreal objects transferable or unmovable in the material world. Similarly, computer graphics permit you to obtain superior and precise results involving fewer design charges.