Best Bluetooth Printers for Home Offices | 2022 updates

Taking printouts of important files or images demands printer usage. If you need a convenient printer for your home workspace, you may purchase a Bluetooth printer. A Bluetooth-enabled printer does not require internet connectivity for printing digital files on paper. Scan this guide to learn about printers that function using the Bluetooth facility. So, check them out!

Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Printer at Home or Office

Using a Bluetooth printer provides the following benefits:

1. Does Not Need Wi-Fi Connection: 

At home or offices, several users use the available Wi-Fi. And when you connect a wireless printer with Wi-Fi, the network slows down. In that situation, a printer using Bluetooth technology is the most suitable option.

2. Fewer Connection Interruptions:

Usually, Wi-Fi printers encounter connection loss issues. However, printing using Bluetooth under 10 meters radius faces almost no disruptions.

3. Quick Printing

Wi-Fi printers do not quickly provide hard copies due to a jammed network. Also, printing mistakes may appear. But Bluetooth printing is speedy and without errors.  

4. Organized Easily

Printing via the internet is ineffective and complex if your workspace runs via a secured connection. But arranging a printer that runs on Bluetooth is an easy job.

5. Less Technical Issues

If we compare Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Bluetooth option is less complicated. It implies if any glitch arises, it gets resolved in a jiff.  

6. Less Power Usage

Bluetooth-enabled printers do not kill battery dash and use less power.

Top 6 Bluetooth Printers for Home Offices

Check out some of the top printers that functions via Bluetooth are: 

1. HP ENVY 6055e – Multipurpose Printer

If you require a multipurpose printer, HP ENVY 6055e is the right choice. It includes the following features:

HP ENVY 6055e - Multipurpose Printer
Bluetooth Printer

Print, Scan, & Copy

The printer helps you to copy or print documents or images with no trouble. Plus, it allows color-scanning of files. You can take out printouts via cloud storage accounts.


HP ENVY 6055e works well with different devices, laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

Automated Double-Sided Printing

It facilitates automated printing on both sides of the sheet.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi

The printer includes double-lane WiFi that scans and repairs connectivity problems spontaneously.

Customer Service for Printing

HP offers dedicated customer assistance regarding printing. You can install its app to learn arranging Bluetooth printing at your workplace. With the HP+ plan, you can subscribe to its ink shipment. 

2. Polono Wireless A4 Paper Printer – Easy to Carry Printer

If you require a compact and movable printer to manage your busy schedule, use Polono.

Portable Printer

Polono printer is portable. It means you can easily carry it anywhere. With Bluetooth, you can instantly print a file while traveling. 

Automated Paper Feeding

The printer automatically places sheets for printing.

Print 70 Sheets in a Row

A charged Polono printer delivers 70 hard copies back to back.

Standby Time

Polono printer’s standby duration is of 26 hours.

Thermal Transfer Technology

Printing with Polono does not leave ink spots. It utilizes the thermal transfer kit. Thus, you have to substitute the wax ribbons occasionally. 

Note: Polono printer shows all the words and images monochromatic. So, if you want to print documents regularly, printing in black-and-white is not a big drawback. 

3. Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer – For Small-Sized PrintOuts

For small photos, patterns, or documents printouts, the Phomemo M02 Bluetooth printer is the most appropriate.

Include An App

Phomemo M02 contains an app that aids you in selecting suitable filters, fonts, or themes.

Support Sticky Paper

You can easily print on sticky sheets or release liner using the Phomemo M02 printer. Thus, you can include text, reports, and projects in notepads, bulletins, and calendars. 

Standby Time

You can easily use this pocket printer for a week.

Ideal for

Phomemo M02 printer is helpful for scholars, subordinates, and organizers.

Note: Phomemo M02 is a thermal printer that supplies black-and-white hard copies. To make your notes colorful, use sheets of different shades. 

4. HP DeskJet 2755e – Affordable Printer

You may select the HP DeskJet 2755e printer as it is inexpensive. Some of its features are:

Support Everday Printing

This Bluetooth printer enables you to achieve printing tasks daily.  

Color Printing

You can get colored printouts via HP DeskJet 2755e. Also, it helps in copying and scanning files.

Support Different Papers

The printer facilitates printing on different sheets such as photographic or coated paper. Further, it enables you to print documents stored on cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

HP Customer Assistance

Like the HP ENVY 6055e printer, customer help is available for HP DeskJet 2755e. 

5. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

For an occupied workspace, you may get Brother Compact Monochrome Bluetooth printer. 

Bluetooth Printer
Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Easy to Use Printer

The simple design of this printer makes printing activities at the home offices quick and error-free. 

High Print Speed

It can supply 32 hard copies in a minute.

Sheet Holding Capacity

The printer can retain 250 sheets at a time. Therefore, you can sidestep the reloading task.

High-Quality Ink Cartridge

The ink container used in the printer is of high quality. Thus, it reduces the ink delivery and printing charges for you.

6. Epson Expression Home XP 4000 Series – Suitable for Home Offices

You may use the Epson Expression Bluetooth printer in small rooms like home offices. 

Support Scan, Photocopy, & Print

The printer allows scanning, photocopying, and printing of documents or photos.

Print Speed

The printing speed of the printer is fine. It supplies 10 sheets within a minute. Meanwhile, you get the time to organize your records.

Double-Sided Printing Option

It facilitates automated printing on both sides of sheets.

Voice Support

You may use its inbuilt voice function to initiate printing. 

Separate Ink Cartridges

Epson Expression printer contains separate ink containers. Accordingly, you only need to change the cartridge that goes empty. 

Final Words on Bluetooth Printer

These are the top 6 Bluetooth printers you may consider for your home office. The installation and usage of such printers are simple. Now, you can receive printouts even if there is no internet availability. So, review the above list and choose a printer that well suits your needs.