Best Pencil Pouches: Keeping It Organized | 2022

When you need your favorite pencils and do not find them, the situation is irritating. Thus, get a pencil pouch to arrange all your pencils, pens, markers, or erasers. It is helpful for freehand drawers, scholars, and general employees. Below, we have listed some of the best pencil cases that you may buy to keep pencils organized.

Top Pencil Pouches You May Consider for Buying

Some of the pencil cases that you may select are:

ProCase Pencil Pouch

One of the most affordable pencil or pen cases is the ProCase. Let us examine its features:

Not Heavy

ProCase is one of the most preferred pencil cases. It is lightweight and compact. You can easily keep it in a backpack. Also, kids can place it in their shoulder bags.

Hold Tools Like

Though it is a small pencil pouch, it can carry scissors, protractors, and other mini items.

Zipper to Lock & Unlock

The pouch involves a zipper for locking and unlocking. It can contain up to 25 pencils or pens.

Two Cases

The pouch contains two cases. It means you can use it to carry extra tools.

Derwent 700434 Pencil Case

If you are a sketcher and like organizing pencils, consider buying Derwent 700434 Pencil Case. Its features:

Organize Pens Properly

The design of the pouch enables you to place pens singly. Thus, the items will not shift in it.

Different Sizes of Cases

The breadth of cases differs. You can put in pencils of varying sizes, erasers, or sharpeners. The pouch can accommodate about 30 stationeries.


The pencil pouch is of canvas and artificial leather cloth. It offers uniqueness to the case.

Homecube Pencil Case

If you need a trendy yet valuable pouch, purchase Homecube Pencil Case. Its Features:

Zipper & Pockets

The pouch contains a zip fastener to lock or unlock it. Its compartments allow the storage of pens or pencils with ease.

Colors Available

The pouch is accessible in grey, black, blue, and green shades.

Separable Middle Pocket

It has a separate case with hoops where you can place additional four pens or pencils.

Soft Oxford Pouch Material

The pouch is of a soft and durable fabric called Oxford. Thus, buying a HomeCube case is a great deal.

Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Pouch

Easthill Big Capacity is an ultra-modern pencil case that encompasses the following features:

Large Pocket Doubled Zip Fastener

The pouch has a big compartment with two zip fasteners. You can store some additional pens or pencils in the small zip portion.

Strong & Durable Material

The pouch is of canvas fabric. The material of the zips is long-lasting. Plus, it is available in different shades.

Money-Back Guarantee

Within one year, you can request the Company a refund if you do not like the product.

iSuperb Stand Up Pencil Case

Another top pencil case brand that you may buy is iSuperb Stand Up. Its features are:

Can Be Placed Upward

The pouch is not an average product. You can arrange it in an upward way. Thus, while improving your sketching knacks or making notes, set it upright like a cell phone stand.

Pouch Color Availability

It is accessible in about seven shades. You may get a grey, pink, khaki, or blue iSuperb pencil case.

Accommodate Different Tools

The dimensions of the pouch are 7.5*4.9*3 inches. You can use it for organizing tools like scissors and almost 20 pens or pencils.

Ideal for

The pouch has received fantastic reviews from its past users. The product is valuable for sketchers, scholars, and writing materials lovers.

Puroma Pencil Case

Another top pencil pouch brand to consider is Puroma. Its main features are:

Two Compartments with Zips

Arranging pencils in Puroma is easy as it contains two pockets with zip fasteners.

Interior Pockets

The pouch has multiple pockets inside to store pens or pencils with no trouble.

pencil pouch

Ideal for Adults & Kids

The pouch is fun-sized that can store around 50 pencils and pens. It is a fabulous product for children and grown-ups.

Canvas Material

The canvas fabric is used in the pouch. It makes it long-lasting.

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ZIPIT Monster Pencil Pouch

ZIPIT is another great pencil case worthwhile for students and professionals. It contains the following features:

Available in 3 Sizes

Jumbo, Standard, and Ad are the three available sizes of ZIPIT Monster pouch. In the ad case, you can fix a chain. Else, it is fixable to the backpack.

18 Colors

The pouch is accessible in 18 shades.


The pouch is unique and beautifully built. So, it is durable.

pencil pouch


Grime or dirt accumulates in the pencil pouch after being used regularly. Hence, you can clean it via a washing machine.


These are some top pencil cases brands convenient for storing and organizing pencils, pens, or other small stationeries. Study each of them to pick one that suits your needs.