American Horror Story Season 11 Won’t Be Split Into 2 Parts, Says FX

American Horror Story season 11 will get back to a more conventional programming plan for its impending 11th season, with FX affirming the season won’t be parted into two sections like “American Horror Story: Double Feature” was. The series has secured itself in the genre staple throughout its running years, acquainting the series viewers with frightening stories and a cast of characters both upsetting and, regularly, unbelievably affable.

On account of its ubiquity, the show has additionally brought forth two side projects, including the American Crime Story, which is also a very successful show.

However, while American Horror Story has reliably put out new seasons practically on yearly basis since its commencement, many fans contend that the show has seen a decrease in quality in its new contributions.

Twofold Feature, basically for some, appeared to be a re-visitation of previous greatness, promising a fascinating split story as well as denoting the arrival of a few casts absent in the past season as the names of Evan Peters as well as Sarah Paulson.

American Horror Story Season 11
American Horror Story Season 11

Yet again be that as it may, despite much fervor encompassing the season before its debut is a sign of its success story. Albeit most of the season fans adulated the main portion of the period, named “Red Tide, “whereas many others were confused with the season’s subsequent excursion, “Demise Valley,” with their disarray just uplifted by the absence of connective tissue between the two sections.

John Landgraf, chairman of FX, comments on season 11 programming

Presently, affirmed in a discussion with The Wrap and John Landgraf, FX chairman that the new season won’t be returning with the Double feature style. Mr.Landgraf affirmed that Season 11 will only be one story while explaining that the season happens in various timelines however it is just one subject, one story, with a start, center, and an end, in the same way as earlier stories.

Landgraf even praised the concept of Double Feature’s parted season, gave his considerations on season 11’s organizing, and expressed that he truly like this thought as well, he believe the style is truly cool.

About the American Horror Story Programming style

American Horror Story has a background marked by attempting new things to enliven its stories, and season 11 will probably be the same. Throughout these years, the series has gotten over characters and storylines between different seasons, remembered melodic numbers for episodes, and facilitated a gathering of VIP stars, causing the series to feel genuinely exceptional when contrasted with its peers.

American Horror Story has never been hesitant to back away from the standard and keeping in mind that there’s consistently an opportunity that a split season could occur later on, season 11’s design seems like a lot more secure bet in comparison to the earlier season.

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The series has already been renewed till the 13th season, American Horror Story has at least three additional stories to tell, however, showrunners (Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk) have a difficult, but not impossible task ahead to return the show to its previous magnificence. Maybe the simplest way to get fans back on their side is to simply bring the show images like iconic names associated with the show, back to the upcoming seasons; some of the iconic names are Jessica Lange, who is one of the most notable people of the show. Well, as season 11 comes back to its original programming style, it sounds like a phenomenal method for winning back the show’s savagely dedicated fan base.

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