Akamai NetSessions Interface: Should I Keep It or Delete It?

Akamai NetSessions Interface is a third-party app that is often a major reason why your device may be consuming more data. This app itself has some benefits like improving media download speeds, but it also consumes data when running in the background. It can also enter into your device through regular software you may or just by itself while you browse. So, many people may want to closely look into what this app does and how they should deal with it. This article will explain all the key details of this software and help you decide what you want to do with it:

What is an Akamai NetSessions Interface?

Akamai NetSessions Interface is actually owned by a legit software company with a website. If you were to pop over to the Akamai Technologies website, you will find the company description for the product. It goes as follows “Akamai NetSessions Interface is a safe internet software. This software works with Microsoft Windows and other operating platforms.

This has been designed to help speed up your internet downloads and online streaming. It is already part of a number of popular different kinds of apps and software you may already be using for your device. The software uses nominal internet bandwidth to prompt other users to install the software.”

Akamai Netsessions Interface

So the software is playing the role of an internet speed amplifier which in turn requires some of that speed to promote itself to other users. This does not sound that bad, but it does come with its own clauses and security considerations. Below, we are going to look into whether Akamai NetSessions Interface can be a virus or act like one on your device.

Is Akamai NetSessions Interface a Virus?

On the face of it, Akamai NetSessions Interface is not a virus. The company, which owns the IP says as much on a functional device. It has a legit working process and it does increase your internet speed by a marginal amount. However, it does have access to virtually all of your devices while it is installed. So, it is capable of getting information out of your device very easily.

This is not a particular concern unless other users can tap into the software and then use it to access your device. This can happen if you are on a public WiFi and you will be targeted by a hacker. At the same time, it also needs additional data from sources to better streamline downloads and online viewing. So, it can request big data chunks depending on what you are trying to see. So, it is definitely not a concern any private device user can ignore.

Does Microsoft Use Akamai?

Akamai is compatible with Microsoft and this means your OS will have it. Generally, this software works perfectly with any Microsoft OS and will not cause any problems. However, there is no direct partnership or Association of any kind with Microsoft, the software is compatible. So, for all intents and purposes, Microsoft does use Akamai NetSessions Interface on Windows 10.

How do I Remove Akamai NetSessions Interface?

When you consider all of the factors we have detailed above, the Akamai NetSessions Interface service does seem to offer some benefits. However, it also opens up your device and internet connection for potential exploitation. So, it might be useful for some while not so beneficial for others. If you want to delete this software, you will need to follow the steps below:

Go to the Start menu, then find the click Control Panel. Navigate to Programs, and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • If you have Windows Vista or Window7 or Windows8 Then you will have to go to Uninstall a Program.
  • Although Windows XP is not useful nowadays, however, if you have Windows XP installed then you will have to click Add or Remove Programs to go further.

Once you have located the Akamai NetSession Interface name, click on it, and do the steps below:

  • Windows Vista/7/8: Click Uninstall and the job will be done.
  • For Windows XP: You go to the Remove tab or Change tab for the final removal.

Walkthrough the steps needed to delete the app and watch the progress bar go to the full extent. Once the message window states that you have deleted the software, you can select okay. Be sure you have removed it from your device.

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