About Us

Tech Moj refers to knowledge base related to technology and other similar verticals. If we elaborate a little more it would solve the mystery of difficult formulas and tasks whose results people are searching on the web. We have a team of expert authors, who understand the need of readers and provide solutions of their search.

In this digital world, technology has come at the hands of the common people through various gadgets. Most users do not have an understanding of technical terminology. However, they keenly explore the search engine to get answers.  While searching, if they land on techmoj.com they will get the platform for their queries. This platform has become the choice of a number of people across the world who becomes our target audience.

Subhash Chand is the Editor in chief and publisher of this website. Nettie Aley, Bertha Badley, Albert Bamford and Dorian Wordsworth are other expert authors who provide their regular inputs to this blog site. Based on rigorous keyword research, we select the article title and narrate them for the public.

 Besides technology, we have presence in revealing the secrets of gaming industry. This industry has been growing hugely for last decade. Users of all ages have become fans of various games such as simulation, shooting, driving, flying and other random areas.  Gaming has become the billion-dollar industry and no language bar. Thus, we have chosen the gaming vertical at our platform carefully keeping in mind to guide fans about their favourite games.

Another segment that we have approached is apps and gadgets. People can afford gadgets such as smart phones but find difficult to understand the operational functionalities. We are committed to provide information not only about useful gadgets, but also about their key functions. There are numerous apps on Android and iOS platform, which has made the life so easy. We make our audience aware about all useful apps that can boost their productivity.